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Bahrain Briefing: Historical highlights and background data

About BFM

Constitution of the State of Bahrain

Names of martyrs

Human Rights Situation in Bahrain – September 1999

Al-Khalifa judiciary in Bahrain

Debate in the UK House of Commons – 3 June 1997

UN Official conducts a witch-hunt in Bahrain

Sheikh Al-Jamri Statements

The Historic 1994 Petition

Petitions calling for democracy in Bahrain

Chronology of events and annual anniversaries of the uprising

Background to the borders dispute with Qatar

State Security Law: The Root of the Crisis

Ian Henderson: Master Torturer

Militarizing the Education Sector

The 75th Anniversary of Feb 1922 Uprising

PHRG Report on Bahrain – 1996

The Human Rights Watch Report – 1997

Report on State Security Court by Bar H.R. Committee and PHRG (28 Oct 98)

Intreviews with opposition figures

Selected articles from international press

Resolutions on Bahrain issued by the European Parliament in Feb 1995 and in September 1997

Artcile by Euro MP Stan Newens

Resolution on Bahrain issued by the UN Human Rights Sub-Commission in Aug 1997

Research Paper presented at MESA’97

Research Paper presented at MESA’98

Research about Bahraini Women by Prof. May Seikaly 

Research About Manama and Matams

Assessment of the 1st year of Amir Hamad (April 2000): By Dr. A. H. Khalaf

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