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The Press Release (PR) issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the Foreign Secretary’s visit to Bahrain yesterday has appointed Bahraini human rights activists who had hoped that Mr Hague would address the issue of torture more rigorously.

The PR did not refer to any discussion on human rights or whether the fate of the British citizen, Jaffar Al Hasabi, has been raised. Mr Al Hasabi was arrested upon his arrival at Bahrain Airport on 16th August 2010. He has repeatedly complained of serious torture including sexual molestation by the henchmen of Bahrain’s former ambassador to UK who runs the notorious National Security Agency. Mr Hague’s remarks fell short of addressing the real issue in Bahrain which are the main motivation to the youth whose decision to declare their revolution was among the reasons for Mr Hague’s visit to Bahrain. Several articles have been published about the coming political upheaval in Bahrain in the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Agence France Press, BBC and others.

As Bahraini youth prepare for the Day of Rage demonstrations on Monday 14th February, the ruing Al Khalifa junta have escalated their intimidation of the people by deploying their forces at entry points to several towns and villages. This morning tens of police cars were positioned near Duraz to complete yesterday’s deployment at Sitra, Bani Jamra, Karrana, Al Dair and Saar. The aim is to create fear in the hearts and minds of the youth who are determined to challenge the Al Khalifa dictatorship that has continued for too long. Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has been prime minister for 40 years. Since he took his position in 1971 there have been eight British prime ministers and six US presidents. Bahrainis have been robbed by this government of their security, land and wealth. The present ruler has gone further in committing crimes against the people. He expropriated large areas of reclaimed sea lands, occupied one of the largest islands of Bahrian (Umm Al Na’ssan) and installed his Al Khalifa relatives in more than half the cabinet posts. Last year he used people’s money to purchase the Four Seasons Hotel in Park Land, London.

Almost all websites and blogs in the country have concentrated on the preparations for the popular uprising on Monday with coincides with the tenth anniversary of the ruler’s national charter and the 9th year after the repeal of the country’s only legitimate constitution written in 1973. The ruler, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, a self-styled “king” and Bahrain’s worst dictator has gone beyond any of his predecessors in ill-treating political prisoners. He refused to separate the three branches of government and instructed his lieutenants to control the executive, judiciary and legislative. Senior patriotic figures such as Dr Abdul Jalil Al Singace, Dr Mohammad Saeed Al Sahlwai, Sheikh Mohammad Habib Al Miqdad and others have languished behind bars for the past six months on trumped up charges that could not stand in an independent court of law. The youth in the Steadfastness Triangle (the intersection of Daih, Sanabis and Burhama) went out yesterday in protest against the Al Khalifa dictatorship, burning tyres and shouting anti-regime slogans. Many youth are heartened by the successes achieved by the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. They have vowed to protest with bear chest and are ready to challenge the heavily-armed foreign mercenaries hired by the ruling family.

The prisoners of the Al Ma’amir case, the Dry Dock detention centre and those languishing in the underground torture cells run by the notorious torturer, Khalifa bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, the former ambassador to London, have issued statements urging the people to rise on the Day of Rage. Several young men and women have spoken on the You Tube urging the participation in this great day. On the other hand, the ruler has threatened to use force to kill and maim protesters.

The ruler has sought to show “leniency” by ordering that under-aged children detainees be given “rehabilitation” programmes in the torture chambers. Those at the Central Jaw Prison refused to sign the papers of approval and insisted on asking for their immediate and unconditional release.

In today’s Friday prayers, sermons by senior figures, such as Sheikh Isa Qassim, approved of the Day of Rage, urging protesters to use peaceful means and not to be intimidated by the mercenaries. It is reported that Saudi troops may take part in suppressing the Bahraini revolt.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
12th February 2011

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