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As the Bahraini crisis deepens, an international outcry is developing against the American and British support of the Saudi occupation and the ethnic cleansing being implemented against the Shia Muslim natives.

Both Washington and London have granted legitimacy to the invasion and occupation by the Saudis who are now imposing on the country their Wahhabism, which is directly linked to the cultivation of terrorism and extremism. 15 out of the 19 suicide bombers who attacked the World Trade Centre in 2001 were Saudis groomed by the Muslim schools financed by the ruling Al Saud family. In the past three weeks Bahrainis have been attacked by hooded militias armed with swords and axes reminiscent of the tactics adopted by the Saudi-based terrorists who had beheaded foreigners. The latest martyr, Sayyed Hameed Sayyed Mahfoodh, 57, from Saar Town had part of his neck cut, probably by a sword. Images of his wounds have confirmed that Saudis may have been involved in his abduction and killing on Tuesday 5th April. He was kidnapped as he made his way to a nearby shop. His body was dumped the following morning with severe wounds inflicted with a knife or sword.

Meanwhile the Al Khalifa family has continued its criminal acts against Bahrainis. Homes are raided on daily basis especially at the early hours of the day when families are asleep. On 5th April, the house of Dr Abdul Jalil Al Singace, a leading opposition figure arrested shortly after the Saudi invasion, was ransacked and its contents destroyed. These acts have been condemned by the European Parliament which debated the ongoing revolutions in the Arab world. Apart from USA and UK other Western countries appear less sympathetic to the state terrorism being implemented by the Al Khalifa against native Bahrainis. Even their crown prince, who has been able to present a fake personality as a reformist could not resist the temptation to kill, torture and maim Bahrainis. Yesterday he gave a hollow address on the official TV only to confirm that more attacks on civil liberties would take place. He insisted on persecuting those who had expressed their opinion in peaceful way during the mass demonstrations of recent weeks. Unlike in previous appearances, he has become more hawkish, bloodthirsty, trigger happy dictator. His remarks were blessing in disguise as he could fool no one any more that he stood for dialogue.

As more sympathetic opinion worldwide develops, the Al Khalifa and their Saudi, American and British backers are being gradually cornered by serious charges including war crimes, crimes against humanity, extra-judicial killings, attacks on civil liberties, violations of the rule of law, repressing all public freedoms and, most serious of all, genocide. Today, every sectarian apartheid has become the doctrine of the regime. Shia Muslim natives who constitute over 70 percent of the population are being targeted and denied basic needs for survival. Hundreds have been dismissed from their jobs, many more denied their salaries, and hundreds jailed and tortured. Major human rights bodies such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and UN Human Rights Council have taken close interest in what is happening in Bahrain.

Meanwhile more Bahrainis have been detained for expressing their opinion. This morning several houses at Dair village were raided and several people arrested. Among them were Musa Madan and Kamel Hassan Ta’an. From Hamala Ali Nasser Harim was arrested. More arrests include: Hussain Mohammad from Aali town, Sayyed Noor Sayyed Jawad Al Wada’ei, Ali Ibrahim from Ma’amir. Two young boys Hassan and Hussain the sons of Abdul Amir Rahdi from Ma’amir were arrested and their car confiscated.   A Bahraini woman, Khadeeja Ali Ahmad Al Gazzaz, was arrested at one of the cheque points when she refused inappropriate handling by Saudi soldiers. Fifa is reported to have complained about the arrest by the Al Khalifa of many footballers including Alaa and Mohammad Hubail.

More than 100 taxis were crushed in the past few days because their owners took part in a demonstration last month.

Today, demonstrations took place in many countries in support of Bahrainis, including Egypt, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait. They were calling for ending the occupation and a regime change.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
8 April 2011

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