Bahrain Freedom Movement

Urgent: Bahrain: 2nd Phase of revolution expected on 23rd November

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 10/11/2011

In a step that could alter the balance of power in the country, the 14th February Youth have called for a massive flare up of revolutionary zeal on 23rd February, the day on which the highly politicized report by Charif Bissiouni will be released. According to internal sources, the report has been “sexed up” after American intervention.

Urgent: More protests as the latest martyr is buried; an elderly Bahraini

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 03/11/2011

An elderly man was martyred this morning after being pursued and hit by members of the Death Squads operated by the royal court. Hajj Ali Hassan, 70, was returning home last night when he was set upon by those heavily-armed killers.

Bahrain: “Arrows of Dignity” pierce the body of dictatorship and occupation

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 23/10/2011

The brutal end meted on Colonel Gaddafi of Libya has sent shock waves to Bahrain’s dictator and his regime. Bahrainis were encouraged by the downfall off the dictator as they acted firmly during the week they had termed “Arrows of dignity” during which they demonstrated in many parts of the country.

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