Bahrain downplays human rights worries – Bahrain Freedom Movement

10/01/2012 – 1:21 p | Hits: 153

Bahrain Grand Prix organisers have downplayed fears about the unrest in the kingdom following calls from human rights groups to boycott the event. The Sakhir event is back on the calendar this year after last season’s race was first postponed and then cancelled because of the political situation.

Over the weekend, human rights groups urged F1 teams to boycott the race in order to show they “respect human rights.”

On Monday, however, Bahrain GP organisers moved to ease fears about the situation, saying the government has already acted to make sure no human rights are violated.

“Last year, The King of Bahrain commissioned an independent report into alleged human rights abuses, the findings of which were published in November,” a spokesman for the Bahrain International Circuit said.

“The report found evidence of human rights violations and made certain general and specific recommendations. The Government has fully acknowledged the findings of the report and is acting swiftly and convincingly on the recommendations.

“The Bahrain Grand Prix forms a fundamental part of the local economy. It is supported by an overwhelming majority of people from all sections of society in Bahrain and represents a symbol of national unity.

“The independent report was a milestone for Bahrain and we will now work tirelessly to ensure that the race is a great success.”

The Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled for April 22.

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