Bahrain: Preparing for Phase 2 of revolution in anticipation of royal commission’s partisan investigation – Bahrain Freedom Movement

As preparations for phase 2 of Bahraini’s revolution get underway, the regime has embarked on a new wave of terror against the people; arresting activists and abusing jailed leaders.

The “sexed up” report by Charif Bissiouni, the head of the Al Khalifa-controlled commission supposedly investigating abuses of the regime is expected to exhonerate the dictator and his notorious son, Nasser, of wrong doing despite enormous evidence confirming their undisputed crimes. Last week, ESPN, the American sports channel broadcast a special investigative programme on the abuse of Bahraini athletes. It quoted an earlier statement by Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa on Bahrain’s official TV channel saying: “Anyone who calls for the regime’s downfall will have the roof of his house falling on him”. Scores of Bahrainis were subsequently killed when his father ordered the shooting of peaceful demonstrators. Sources close to Bissiouni’s highly discredited commission confirmed that none of the top-ranking Al Khalifa officials will be indicted by the report. Its aims is now clear; to whitewash the regime’s crimes and offer new life lines for the Al Khalifa regime whose downfall has been the central demand of the revolution.The preparations include daily protests in various parts of the country by youth eager to undertake more challenges in combating the vicious Saudi atrocities and Al Khalifa dictatorship. Several protests were held in towns and villages including Al Dair, Karrahah, Duraz, Karzakkan, Bouri and Sitra. It is clear that the anticipated report by Bissiouni’s commission has not deterred the regime from continuing its atrocious policies against Bahrainis. Instead of heeding the calls for reform and openness it has embarked on more evil plans. Last week it announced that it had uncovered a “plot” and a “terrorist cell” whose aim is to bring down the regime. Its alleged five members were planning to visit travel to Iran for military training in order to carry out sabotage acts in ‘Bahrain. Two of them were handed by the Qatari authorities. According to informed sources, including their families, they have been subjected to horrific torture before being forced to sign false confessions. The Bissiouni group has failed to investigate these allegations although they had been notified by human rights activists. Many other Bahrainis have recently been detained. Among them is a teacher at Sheikh Abdul Aziz School. Abdullah Al Bazzaz was seized by the ruler’s henchmen yesterday.Protests supporting Bahraini people have continued around the world. In Brussells, a protest was held outside the European Parliament on Wednesday that called for an immediate action by the European countries to support the people’s demands for the right of self-determination. Tens of supporters attended the protest which was closely followed by MEPs and other politicians. In London, a protest was held on 16th November at the Saudi Embassy. It called for the withdrawal of Saudi army and the end of attacks on Bahrainis whether by Saudi or Al Khalifa troops.Meanwhile concerns are rising for the safety of women prisoners, some of whom have been behind bars for more than seven months. Their crime is taking part in anti-regime demonstrations. Among are: Fadheela Al Mubarak; sentenced to 18 months and has been in prison since March and Reema Hilal; sentenced to six months. Ten women have been in jail since they took part in a protest at the City Centre Mall in September; The Duhaim sisters; Munira, Huda and Zainab, their cousin, Ibtisam Abdul Aziz, Aqila Mohammad Al Maqabi, Ashwaq Al Maqabi, Fatima Abdul Jalil Al Jishi, Zainab Salman Abdulla, Khadeeja Abdul Nasser and Layla Abdullah Kadhem. Another Bahraini woman, Fahiyya Abd Ali Hayat has been detained for 45 days for sheltering other protesters.Bahrain Freedom Movement

18th November 2011

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