Bahrain: One more martyr as the revolution leaps forward – Bahrain Freedom Movement

The fall of the latest martyr is another testimony to the extreme brutality of a hated regime that has resorted to expensive and daring forms of deception to convince the people that it is reforming.

Zahra Saleh Mohammad, 27, was brutally murdered and her body dumped into an unknown grave to conceal the crime committed by the Al Khalifa and Saudi occupiers. This young Bahraini woman was hit by one member of the regime’s Death Squads with a steel skew that penetrated her forehead. She was seen struggling with the wound with blood gushing out. Nothing has been heard of her since she was taken by the security forces to the hospital. Two human rights activists attempted to visit her but were turned away after intensive interrogation. On Wednesday 7th December the regime announced that she had passed away. Her body has not been handed to her family, but was buried by police forces at an disclosed location. A young boy was arrested and accused of her murder. It is now confirmed that the accused, Yousuf Mohammad Yousuf Al Mataw’a was arrested before the woman was hit. He was in the company of two young women when the three sought refuge at a block of flats pursued by security forces. One of the girls said in her testimony that Yousuf was pulled from their hands as they struggled to stop his arrest. She said only after his arrest that they saw the blood of the woman. She was brutally savaged during the demonstration and savagely liquidated while undergoing medical treatment. The Al Khalifa and Al Saud have committed another serious crime.The anger of the people pushed the 14th February youth to seek to conquer the Pearl Roundabout as an important gesture. On Wednesday they converged on the road to the Roundabout in their hundreds but were beaten back by heavy chemical weapons, teargas, rubber bullets and shotguns. There were many casualties but none was taken to hospital for fear of reprisals by the military management of the health care system. The people have vowed to re-conquer the Pearl Roundabout as a legitimate target for liberation from the Saudi illegal occupation. Preparations are being made to make a massive push to re-take the Roundabout from the illegal occupiers, mainly Saudi troops. The excessive force used by the security forces has made the people more determined to force a change of regime while the Al Khalifa have now resorted to ruling the country with shear force and terror.The rising tension is set to continue for some time to come. The people have given up hope of any real reform under the present regime and would thus persist in their struggle. They have planned to make another push on 17th December, the Day of the Martyrs which, in the past few years, has become a rallying point for the opposition and an embarrassment to the regime. With revolutionary fervor filling the air, the youth have called for international observers to remain in the country to witness the unfolding saga as the people continue their peaceful struggle to achieve fundamental change of the regime. There is no way the two sides can work together after the regime’s brutality had been proven by their own commission.Although USA and Britain have repeated their stand that they would wait for the Bissiouni’s report to take an action against the brutal Al Khalifa regime and the Saudi occupation, they are now arguing that they needed to wait and see the implementation of the recommendations contained in the report. The ruler has now replaced the head of the notorious National Security Agency (NSA) with another torturer. The NSA has been notorious in its methods of torture and was condemned by the Bissiouni report. Its former head, Khalifa bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, has been promoted to become the Chairman of the Supreme Defence Council.  Yet the regime and its supporters would still claim that replacing him with another torturer  as the head of NSA was a step in the right direction of reforms.The past few days have seen enormous demonstrations in various parts of the country. From Sitra to Karzakka, Shahrakkan, Buri, Isa Town, Aali, Malikiyyah, Bani Jamra, Duraz, Markh, Maqaba, Shakhouran Karrana, Jidhafs, Buguwwa, Sanabis, Samaheej and Dair, the demonstrations did not stop for a day. Every night demonstrators would challenge the presence of the security forces and raise the two main slogans: The people want regime change and: Down with Hamad. Almost all these protests were suppressed by the mercenaries hired by the Al Khalifa to kill Bahrianis.Bahrain Freedom Movement

9 December 2011

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