Bahrain: More zeal as the youth await the first anniversary of revolution – Bahrain Freedom Movement

The vicious attack last night on a peaceful protest led by a senior human right activist and his team has run counter to wishes and appeals of international bodies, governments, laws and conventions. Nabeel Rajab and his colleagues were targeted by the regime’s riot police and Death Squads.

Hundreds of people took to the streets in the capital to take their message to the world that they would not accept anything than regime change. Suddenly the regime’s riot police and Death Squads launched vicious attacks on the demonstrators using all available tools of repression. Many received serious injuries. A known human rights activist and blogger, Nader Abdul Emam received a direct hit to his mouth that destroyed his lips and teeth. The images of his injuries were so horrific that Youtube site removed it. Other images show other peaceful protesters with severe injuries to the heads and other parts of the body.Meanwhile the people’s revolution has continued unabated in almost all parts of the country. From the town of Dair in the North to Karzakkan in the South and from Stira in the East to Malikiyah and Hamala in the West, the youth have been organising their protests every day and night. Banners and flags were raised while the demonstrators chanted slogans calling for regime change and the downfall of the dictator. “Down with Hamad” has become the standard slogan throughout the country. Almost all those protests were attacked mercilessly by the regime’s forces, many injured and scores arrested. What the detainees are subjected to after their arrest is beyond anyone’s imagination. Their bodies are slashed and mutilated by the units managed by John Yates and John Timoney, the British and American failed policemen brought to Bahrain to help the Al Khalifa crush the popular revolution. It is a continuation of the old policies that led to the employment of Ian Henderson in the sixties and David Jump in the nineties to help crush Bahraini people.The political societies, meanwhile, organised their own rally last night at Jabalat Habshi, just outside Manama. Several speakers took to the podium calling for real change and ending the present policy of repression. Most of the speakers were defiant, although Nabeel Rajab took the case much further ahead insisting that no one can deny that the slogan “Down with Hamad” has become the symbol of the revolution and that no one could change it. It has been widely accepted that no solution is possible as long as those entrenched in their seats of corruption, fraud, torture and repression remained in their places. The mood is gradually changing against the wishes of the ruling Al Khalifa family and their backers.International pressure is mounting on the regime despite the attempts by the American and British governments to prop up the Al Khalifa and Al Saud regimes. Many British people were angry when the Countess of Wessex accepted a gift of jewellery from Bahrain’s dictator and his uncle, the prime minister. Calls were made by former ministers and Members of Parliament to the Countess to sell the jewellery and donate their revenues to the victims of the AL Khalifa regime that has become more vicious than other embattled regimes. In addition, calls were made for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to dispatch a team of investigators to document the human rights atrocities in Bahrain as a step toward criminalising senior members of the regime, denying them free travel and eventually bringing them to justice. It has become clear that the Al Khalifa cannot run the country in accordance with international standards and the regime cannot stop human rights abuses in the future. In the past few days several expressions of disappointment at the lack of progress in the field of democracy or human rights were uttered by the US Secretary of State and other senior figures in the British government. With mounting numbers of political arrests the country has been set to embrace more serious troubles ahead. Experts have stressed that the Al Khalifa regime can no longer perform its duties after it had handed them to the Saudi invaders. Legitimacy has thus faded and could no longer be claimed by the Al Khalifa.It has now become clear to the revolutionaries that their movement has become a fight to the end with the Al Khalifa and their backers. Many are saying that it will be foolish to stop now. That will only give the ruling family the chance to rally their forces and re-launch their onslaught on the people once more. There will be no let up in the fight for survival by the people. Any pause in the revolution will only bring back the nightmares of the vicious attacks by the Al Khalifa who have turned into the real enemies of Bahrainis.Bahrain Freedom Movement

13th January 2012

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