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Bahrain: Killings continue as anniversary of revolution approaches

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When the latest martyr, Hajj Abd Ali Abdulla Mohammad Al Ma’amiri, was being buried yesterday, the participants in the funeral were mercilessly attacked by police. The attackers used chemical and tear gases, rubber bullets and batons to disperse the people who were doing their religious and human duty of burying a dead man.


Bahrain: Four martyrs in one day as America’s worst cop beats the drums

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This week was one of the bloodiest in the one year old revolution. Four Bahrainis were killed on Wednesday at the hands of the Al Khalifa forces in several ways.


Bahrain: More martyrs amid a damned air show

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Yaseen Jassim Al Asfoor, 11, is the latest martyr on the way to liberate Bahrain from the Al Khalifa and Al Saud occupation. Last month, he was exposed to intensive chemical gases fired into his house by the Al Khalifa mercenary forces. He was taken to hospital where his condition deteriorated further until his lungs collapsed He remained in the last three weeks in intensive care.


Bahrain: More zeal as the youth await the first anniversary of revolution

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The vicious attack last night on a peaceful protest led by a senior human right activist and his team has run counter to wishes and appeals of international bodies, governments, laws and conventions. Nabeel Rajab and his colleagues were targeted by the regime’s riot police and Death Squads.


Bahrain: Calls for UN inquiry as regime intensifies human rights abuses

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As the repression continues so does the people’s unrelenting revolution. As more martyrs were killed, thousands others have joined the caravan of dignity and freedom. The latest martyr is Mrs Fakhriyya Al Sakran, 55, who had been gassed heavily causing her to lose her life on Tuesday 2nd January 2012.


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As the year to an end, the thought of Bahrainis goes to those who have lost their lives in the struggle to achieve freedom, liberty and democracy. They also hope that the new year will see an end to the brutal regime of the Al Khalifa who has now become the enemy No 1 to the people of Bahrain.


Bahrain: Appeals to human rights bodies for serious intervention

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As the people’s revolution continues unabated, Bahrainis have appealed to the international human rights bodies and political leaders to take a stand and force the Al Khalifa regime to release the prisoners of conscience.


House of Lords seminar discusses Bahrain’s revolution

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A seminar was held today, 15th December, at the House of Lords organized by Lord Avebury under the title: “Dead End for a regime guilty of systematic torture”. It was addressed by several speakers and victims of abuse.


Bahrain: One more martyr as the revolution leaps forward

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The fall of the latest martyr is another testimony to the extreme brutality of a hated regime that has resorted to expensive and daring forms of deception to convince the people that it is reforming.


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Bahraini opposition have been outraged by the tactics of deception adopted by the Al Khalifa clan as they continue to divert attention away from their crimes and the people’s calls for their downfall from power.


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The United State and Britain have been urged to take an immediate action to indict Bahrain’s ruler after a report he had financed found his regime guilty of excessive use of force, torture and sexual assaults on prisoners.


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As preparations for phase 2 of Bahraini’s revolution get underway, the regime has embarked on a new wave of terror against the people; arresting activists and abusing jailed leaders.


Bahrain: 2nd Phase of revolution expected on 23rd November

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In a step that could alter the balance of power in the country, the 14th February Youth have called for a massive flare up of revolutionary zeal on 23rd February, the day on which the highly politicized report by Charif Bissiouni will be released. According to internal sources, the report has been “sexed up” after American intervention.


More protests as the latest martyr is buried; an elderly Bahraini

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An elderly man was martyred this morning after being pursued and hit by members of the Death Squads operated by the royal court. Hajj Ali Hassan, 70, was returning home last night when he was set upon by those heavily-armed killers.


Bahrain: “Arrows of Dignity” pierce the body of dictatorship and occupation

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The brutal end meted on Colonel Gaddafi of Libya has sent shock waves to Bahrain’s dictator and his regime. Bahrainis were encouraged by the downfall off the dictator as they acted firmly during the week they had termed “Arrows of dignity” during which they demonstrated in many parts of the country.


Bahrain: ill-treatment and torture threaten the lives of leaders

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Fears for the lives of the opposition leaders jailed for their opinion and political demands have grown in the past two weeks after reports of criminal behavior by the Al Saud and Al Khalifa security forces were reported.


Bahrain: Al Qattan’s blood will haunt the Twin Evil Alliance and defeat it

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Yesterday’s funeral procession of the latest martyr has confirmed without any doubt that killing of Bahrainis has only solidified their position and crystallized their vision for fundamental political change.


Bahrain: Deteriorating human situation as leaders and doctors jailed

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The martyrdom of Jaffar LutfAllah, 74, from Abu Saibe’ village on Friday 30th September has enraged the people of Bahrain and called on the international community to take serious actions to stop the onslaught by Saudi and Al Khalifa forces on the country. Mr LutfAllah had inhaled large amounts of chemical gases fired by the regime’s security forces on Sunday 18th September and went into coma. He was taken to hospital and passed away 12 days later.


Bahrain: Appeals to world leaders to intervene to stop blood bath

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The two days of reckoning in Bahrain are fast approaching as the Al Khalifa junta threatened a blood bath. On 23rd and 24th September the people of Bahrain will attempt to re-conquer the Pearl Roundabout in order to mourn those who were murdered by the Saudi and Al Khalifa forces in mid March.


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