Teams leave Bahrain call to FIA – Bahrain Freedom Movement

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Christian Horner and Stefano Domenicali agree that the FIA should decide if Formula One races in Bahrain © Getty Images

Christian Horner and Stefano Domenicali believe Formula One needs to trust the FIA’s decision over whether to return to Bahrain in 2012.

A human rights group called on the teams to boycott the race amid ongoing unrest in the country, saying that Formula One would be helping the government portray a false image if the race went ahead. However, steps are being taken in an attempt to ensure the race goes ahead, and Horner said that it was a decision that needed to be made by the sport’s governing body.

“We enter a championship run by the FIA,” Horner told the BBC, “and we need to trust in their decision.”

Stefano Domenicali agreed, saying that the teams are not in a position to make a call on whether they race or not.

“I have heard lots of rumours about the situation,” Domenicali said. “We need to rely on the competent authorities: the federation, the commercial rights holder and the government of the country. We need to be cool and realistic and wait and see what happens. We will monitor it, but we need to rely on them. We need to trust them.”

Domencali also said he felt the FIA could still be trusted despite a delegate giving the country the all-clear following a visit.

“Maybe (that) experience will give a different approach and the information will be more accurate.”

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