Bahrain rejects proposed march by opposition – Bahrain Freedom Movement

18/01/2012 – 3:52 p | Hits: 169

The Bahraini government rejected on late Tuesday a march proposal by opposition groups and warned people not to take part in it, Xinhua reported. The “no to tyranny, yes to democracy” procession is organized by Al Wefaq National Islamic Society and other opposition groups to march in downtown Manama on Wednesday evening.

The Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al Hassan explained in a statement the reasons why the authorities rejected the proposal.

“After reviewing the security plans and the General Gathering law, it was decided not to give permission for the procession,” Hassan said.

The location and time of the proposed march will cause traffic congestion and disturbance to embassies, commercial and government organizations, he added.

The chief also warned that if the march is held despite the rejection, it will be a violation of law and legal actions will be taken against the violators.

Early this month, the interior ministry rejected a gathering proposal by Al Wefaq at another busy location. However, Al Wefaq went ahead anyway and the gathering ended up in clashes between the protesters and the police.

Al Wefaq and other political groups have been holding weekly gatherings in all parts of Bahrain to call for more democracy and reforms.

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