Bahrain: Al Khlaifa have a lot to hide; international HR inspection banned – Bahrain Freedom Movement

Today, the soul of latest martyr has ascended to its Lord. Sayyed Jaffar Sayyed Salman Sayyed Juma Al Alawi, 75, after he had been beaten by the regime’s agenst. He was subjected to horrific treatment and received a serious hit on the head that caused him to enter into a coma. He regained consciousness briefly but his condition deteriorated sharply until he passed away this morning, carrying with him his vivid testimony to God. The martyr was present in the revolution at all levels from its first day. He was targeted personally for his high profile peaceful activism.

On 25th February another  Bahraini woman, Zainab Hussain Isa, 69, was martyred after inhaling large quantities of chemical gases. Her house was attacked with large amounts of these gases the night before and she went into coma. She was taken to hospital where she died shortly afterwards. On 29th February, another Bahraini was martyred by chemical gases used by the Al Khalifa troops. Habib Khadhem Al Mulla, from Southern Sehla died few days after his house was attacked with these lethal weapons that have become the main tool of death in the hands of John Timoney and John Yates.In line with its policy of refusing to let the truth come out to be seen by the international community, the Al Khalifa have refused to allow the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to visit Bahrain and see for himself the extent of human rights abuses of Bahrainis. Juan Mendez had repeatedly asked to visit the country especially after it had become clear that torture had become systematic in the torture chambers of the Bahraini prisons. He was due to arrive in the country next week but the “minister of human rights” sent an emissary to Mr Mendez asking him to delay his visit to an unspecified time. The Al Khalifa have adopted the tactic of appearing to accept international inspection of its behaviour and then “postponing” it often citing technical difficulties. The United States had attempted to shield the Al Khalifa from the wrath of the international community by proposing the BICI commission that was financed by the dictator’s office. Mr Mendez would have implicated the dictator’s son, Nasser, in torturing prisoners and would have referred the Al Khalifa to the UN Security Council as one of the worst offenders in terms of human rights. The Al Khalifa have a lot to hide; this is why they do not want anyone to dig deep. To their dismay, the BICI commission had dug deeper than what they should have done and the experience could not be repeated. The U.N. human rights office in Geneva said Bahrain formally requested a delay until July.On another level, Amnesty International has cancelled a visit to Bahrain after the Al Khalifa imposed restriction on groups trying to monitor “reforms” including the handling of protests. Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and another group had said that  Human Rights and Social Development Ministry informed them this week of the new rules limiting them to five-day trips which must be arranged through a Bahraini sponsor.  “Regrettably we have cancelled the fact-finding visit to Bahrain … as the new five day limit imposed by the Bahraini authorities for visits by international human rights organisations is a serious impediment,” Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, a regional Amnesty deputy director, said in a statement.Meanwhile, protests have continued on daily basis. At least 30 demonstrations took place every day and night in various towns and villages with participation from the youth and women. The use of chemical gases has intensified in density and lethality. Whole towns were sprayed with those weapons as the people have shown no sign of retreat from their position calling for the removal of the Al Khalifa from government. The chants of “Down with Hamad” can be heard everywhere in the country as the dictator became the most hated figure in the land.Bahrainis have appealed to the world to take a stand and condemn the Saudi occupation of the country as it has only led to more instability and insecurity. On 14th March Bahrainis will rise against the occupation and will call on the world to stand up to its responsibility to counter occupation and to call for the right of the natives to determine their own destiny.Bahrain Freedom Movement

2nd March 2012

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