Bahrain: Al Qattan’s blood will haunt the Twin Evil Alliance and defeat it – Bahrain Freedom Movement

Yesterday’s funeral procession of the latest martyr has confirmed without any doubt that killing of Bahrainis has only solidified their position and crystallized their vision for fundamental political change.

The killing of Ahmad Jaber Al Qattan, 16, with live ammunition has dealt the Al Saud occupiers and Al Khalifa dictatorship serious blows that has now polarized the situation as never before. He was shot at close range with shotgun that penetrated his chest and head. He was taken to hospital but died almost immediately. The Al killings by the Al Saud and Al Khalifa have enraged Bahrainis and all freedom-loving people of the world, but their allies, especially the US, UK and Israel have used their influence to shield them at the UN. Despite the numerous calls by human rights bodies to refer Bahrain to the Security Council, the resistance by these countries to these calls has made it almost impossible to secure a consensus on referral. Bahrainis will not forget this inhumane treatment by those countries as they bury their sons and brother almost everyday. Mr Al Qattan was taking part in a peaceful demonstration on Thursday night (6th October) at the town of Abu Saibe’ when one of the mercenaries acting on orders of the dictator, shot him at blank range with his rifle. His colleagues rushed him to hospital but he was dead on arrival. The Saud and Al Khalifa military commanders issued a statement confirming the crime and said it was “investigating”. None of the killers of more than fifty Bahrainis has been charged. Tens of thousands took part in the funeral yesterday amid tight security presence, while helicopter gunships hovered overhead to intimidate the mourners. The chanting of the people with slogans that have now become familiar such as “The people want regime change” and “Down with Hamad” has sent a clear message to the occupiers and their supporters that Bahrainis have no stomach to accept either the Saudi occupation or the Al Khalifa regime. Both must go. In another development, the Al Saud and Al Khalifa are preparing for the prospect of massive political defeat in the case of the Bahraini doctors who have been sentenced to long terms of imprisonment ranging between 5 and 15 years for treating the injured in February and March. A military court confirmed the sentences which had been condemned by almost every human rights body in the world. The verdicts were so outrageous that the American and British allies of the Saudis and Al Khalifa were forced to condemn them. But instead of calling for their immediate and unconditional release, the UK Government “welcomed the intended retrial” of the medics by a civilian court. According to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch,  these people should not have been in jail in the first place as they had committed no crime. The doctors, themselves have issued a statement condemning the sentences and argued that they have sent a dangerous message to the people; that treating the injured is a crime. The Al Saud occupiers and Al Khalifa dictators have failed to produce a shred of credible evidence that any of the medical staff had committed a real crime. These trials have only shown that the regime is simply corrupt and is un-reformable. The Twin Evil Alliance (Saudis and Al Khalifa) are expected to be defeated in the stand off with the medical staff and will be forced to release them soon and will have to face a humiliating climb down. The world will see for itself the crimes of the Twin Evil Alliance when their victims are released and the lies and fabrications of their torturers are exposed.Meanwhile, concerns have been expressed by families of the senior leading figures of the opposition for their welfare as their health deteriorated as a result of their hunger strike. The international community is urged to shoulder its responsibility and intervene to save the lives of those noble men who have stood for justice, democracy, the rule of law and the right of the people to determine their own destiny.In Beirut a special conference on human rights in Bahrain was convened on Wednesday and Thursday (6th and 7th October) in the presence many HR bodies and news media. Many speakers gave horrifying accounts of the human rights violations in Bahrain. The final statement called for immediate investigation by the international community into those violations, the referral of Bahrain to the UN Security Council and the immediate withdrawal of the Saudi forces.Bahrain Freedom Movement

8th October 2011

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