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Bahrain: “Arrows of Dignity” pierce the body of dictatorship and occupation

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 23/10/2011

The brutal end meted on Colonel Gaddafi of Libya has sent shock waves to Bahrain’s dictator and his regime. Bahrainis were encouraged by the downfall off the dictator as they acted firmly during the week they had termed “Arrows of dignity” during which they demonstrated in many parts of the country.


Bahrain: ill-treatment and torture threaten the lives of leaders

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 20/10/2011

Fears for the lives of the opposition leaders jailed for their opinion and political demands have grown in the past two weeks after reports of criminal behavior by the Al Saud and Al Khalifa security forces were reported.


Bahrain: Al Qattan’s blood will haunt the Twin Evil Alliance and defeat it

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 08/10/2011

Yesterday’s funeral procession of the latest martyr has confirmed without any doubt that killing of Bahrainis has only solidified their position and crystallized their vision for fundamental political change.


Bahrain: Deteriorating human situation as leaders and doctors jailed

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 02/10/2011

The martyrdom of Jaffar LutfAllah, 74, from Abu Saibe’ village on Friday 30th September has enraged the people of Bahrain and called on the international community to take serious actions to stop the onslaught by Saudi and Al Khalifa forces on the country. Mr LutfAllah had inhaled large amounts of chemical gases fired by the regime’s security forces on Sunday 18th September and went into coma. He was taken to hospital and passed away 12 days later.


Bahrain: Appeals to world leaders to intervene to stop blood bath

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 20/09/2011

The two days of reckoning in Bahrain are fast approaching as the Al Khalifa junta threatened a blood bath. On 23rd and 24th September the people of Bahrain will attempt to re-conquer the Pearl Roundabout in order to mourn those who were murdered by the Saudi and Al Khalifa forces in mid March.


Bahrain: Escalation of revolution as people insist on regime change

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 09/09/2011

The international pressure on the Al Khalifa regime has forced it to “drink the poison” and release the medical staff whose members had been accused by the Al Khalifa and Al Saud officials of the most serious crimes, including killing patients, falsifying evidence and plotting to overthrow the regime. Their release on Tuesday 6th September has exposed the lies, fabrications and most important of all, the crimes, committed by the regime.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 02/09/2011

The killing on Wednesday of an under-aged Bahraini boy has re-ignited the revolution and took the country into what could become a decisive phase of its revolution. Ali Jawad Ahmad Al Sheikh, 14, was with a group of boys at the graveyard to visit the grave of an earlier martyr, Ali Al Mo’men, who had been killed in mid-March.


Bahrain: Independence Day remembered as royal commission nears collapse

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 19/08/2011

Tension is rising in the country on the eve of Imam Ali’s martyrdom. The regime’s armed militias (Death Squads) have threatened to attack the religious procession in Muharraq tonight and tomorrow night. These squads are responsible for the abduction, torture and killing hundreds of Bahrainis in the past twelve months.


– 15/08/2011

The past few days have witnessed dramatic escalation in demonstrations and protests in most towns and villages. Yesterday Bahrainis held a big rally in Sitra to mark the 40th anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain.


Bahrain: Revolution re-invigorated as Bissiouni’s committee discredited

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 05/08/2011

Concern is rising for the health of the two women detainees; Jalila Al Salman and Dr Rola Al Saffar, who had started yesterday hunger strike to protest their continued detention without trial. They were part of the medical staff who were targeted by the Saudi occupiers when they invaded the country.


Bahrain: royal commission undermined on first day working day

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 22/07/2011

The anti-regime demonstrations took new dimensions yesterday when the youth took to the streets in various places. After the Friday prayers hundreds of youth staged their protest in Duraz, Bani Jamra, Barbar, Sitra, Al Ekr and other towns.


Bahrain: Vicious attacks on protestors as resistance solidifies

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 15/07/2011

Peaceful demonstrations were attacked this afternoon by the Saudi and Al Khalifa forces and Death Squads in the towns and villages of Sitra. Bahrainis have called for today’s protests calling for the right of self-determination for the citizens and an end to the hereditary dictatorship that have plagued Bahrain for decades.


Bahrain: Pressure mounting for fact-finding mission

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 09/07/2011

The political crisis in Bahrain has deepened in the past few days after it became clear that the long-awaited “dialogue” has failed drastically. Instead of dealing with the core issues relating to governance and the future role of the Al Khalifa, the regime turned it into a public meeting arguing about trivial issues that had nothing to do with the underlying causes and demands of the revolution.


Statement: Barhain’s revolution will continue despite attempts to crush it

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 05/07/2011

As we meet here today, there are hundreds of our citizens languishing in torture chambers, some of whom having been sentenced in kangaroo military courts, more than two thousand Bahrainis sacked form their jobs for taking part in peaceful demonstrations, and scores of doctors and nurses on trial for treating the injured. Moreover, repression has continued unabated; with members of the Death Squads roaming the streets, blandishing their guns to prevent any sign of protest.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 01/07/2011

The revolutionary zeal in Bahrain proved to the world that it is still able to drive the youth towards the final victory of the revolution and the downfall of the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship. As more martyrs fell in the past few weeks, the horizons of change appear to be widening despite the regime’s attempts to contain the people’s willingness for more struggle and sacrifice.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 23/06/2011

The ruling Al Khalifa family took revenge from its opponents yesterday by issuing life sentences against eight of the leading figures. A military court presided by a senior member of the ruling family read out the ruling in the presence of several envoys representing the USA and Europe.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 12/06/2011

The most senior political figure in Bahraini opposition is in a serious condition languishing in the Al Khalifa torture chambers. Mr Abdul Wahab Hussain, 55, has lost almost all sense in the left part of his body and is hardly able to walk.


Two new martyrs as Formula 1 advised to boycott Bahrain

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 03/06/2011

Two Bahrainis were martyred today and yesterday as a result of the barbarity of the Al Khalifa. This morning the martyrdom of Salman Abu Idris, 63, was confirmed, two and a half months after he had been shot in the head with a live bullet. He has remained in critical condition ever since as the Al Khalifa and Saudi occupiers continued to unleash their terror on Bahrainis.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 27/05/2011

With the prospect of further flare ups next week of the people’s revolution, the Al Khalifa have been working around the clock to elicit some international support and legitimacy as a way out of the crisis. Their efforts have, however, failed drastically. The Al Khalifa crown prince’s visit to UK and Europe brought not tangible support to his policy of repression and dictatorship.


Bahrain: International stands humiliate Al Khalifa, Saudi occupiers

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 06/05/2011

As the Al Khalifa dictators and the Saudi occupiers continue their crackdown against the people of Bahrain, the regime is facing difficult choices. On one hand the international pressures are mounting despite the American and British support. President Obama called Bahrain’s dictator earlier this week to warn him against pursuing the destructive path of human rights violations, the continuing detention of the medical staff including doctors and nurses and against the sectarian cleansing.


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