We Do Not Want Your Gratitude – Bahrain Freedom Movement

19/05/2007 – 10:49 p | Hits: 1811

The resilient people of Bahrain have read in the government newspapers that the so called king of Bahrain, Hamad bin Issa Al-Khalifa, has ordered his criminal regime to stop the political case against three of Bahrain’s heroes; Mr. Mr Hassan Mushaime, the Secretary-General of Haq Movement, Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja, the President of the Bahrain Centre of Human Rights and Shakir Mohammad, an activist. Only in Bahrain the ruling dictator still issues laws and decrees while the so called parliament does nothing, but act like a rubber stamp to the Al-Khalifa occupier family. These three heroes refused to bow to the dictator and become “yes sir” tools in the hand of the oppressor. That is why they have spoken and declared their peaceful resistance to the injustice that is taking place on daily basis in Bahrain. Yes they have spoken and they have spoken loud and the Al-Khalifa criminal-dictator family has heard them; and of course they do not like to hear any voice of dissent. Those heroes do not want anyone to represent them in front of the dictator and bug for their freedom; because they believe they gain their freedom by speaking to the tyrant power. Thus, they have said “we do not want your Gratitude” and they also said that “we will continue the peaceful struggle toward justice and democracy in Bahrain.”  

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