Bahrain Famous and Infamous – Bahrain Freedom Movement

26/02/2007 – 1:14 am | Hits: 2154Few people in the world know where Bahrain is or who rules Bahrain or who lives in Bahrain. However, thanks to the Al-Khalifa government Bahrain became so famous in the international news agencies. One should raise the following question: what made Bahrain from a country that few people know about to a country that is mentioned and discussed by international news media? The answer is the method which Bahrain is ruled. The abusive and tyrannical rule of the Al-Khalifa government and their sectarian naturalization policies have awaken different human rights organization to start monitoring the situation in the country. Recently an Iraqi man was arrested in Faloja, Iraq carrying a Bharaini passport. This Iraqi, recently naturalized Bahraini, was arrested because he participated in terrorist activities against Iraqi innocent civilian. International media started raising the question why a Bahrain would naturalize a terrorist? The answer is to overcome the old historical sectarian balance in the country; where you have minority Al-Khalifa Sunni family ruling a majority Shia population. Thus, Bahrain is famous or infamous?

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