Al-Khalifa’s Friendship – Bahrain Freedom Movement

31/12/2006 – 3:04 am | Hits: 1989

In a time when Bahrainis all over Bahrain were mourning the departure of a great leader, Shaikh Abdul Ameer Al-Jamri; two of our freedom lover citizens were being deprived of their freedom in the Al-Khalifa’s prison. The arrest of Dr. Mohammad Saeed and Mr. Husain Al-Habshi is nothing but another proof that no serious political reforms took place in Bahrain but only a lip service of the word reforms. Al-Khalifa and political reforms are two words that can not meet in one place. So for those who are relying that they might be able to benefit the people of Bahrain from within the Al-Khalifa’s circle are one of two: they are either political naïve or they are in kahote with the Al-Khalifa’s tyrannical plan against the people of Bahrain. Finally Khalifa bin Salam or as he is known the Saddam of Bahrain stated that Shaikh Al-Jamri was his friend and close colleague. One has to wonder about the treatment that Shiakh Al-Jamri received from Khalifa and his gang and then ask what would have happened if Shaikh Al-Jamri was an enemy of Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa???

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