The Mass Demonstration Protesting Al-Bandar Scandal – Bahrain Freedom Movement

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Final Statement At a time when our people are subjected to a chain of deprivation and discrimination, and when public wealth and lands are plundered and wasted as a result of the despotic manner that this regime exercises, and for its assertion to deal with its public far from constitutional legitimacy, and while the regime prevents people from establishing and consolidating a true legislative government that represents the will and ambition of the people, and instead of seeing a ray of hope that would hopefully rescue them, they encounter a horrific wide-spread plan to devastate Bahraini unity at present and future.

This was revealed in the Al-Bandar Scandal documentary report issued by the Gulf Center for Democracy. The foresaid report entailed many documents that confounded high officials and government establishments.

 The government could not refute the foresaid plan, nor could they provide a satisfying response from those responsible who sit at high, sensitive positions. Those documents have also enlightened the dangerous extent of the conspiracy laid down on the ground, and the extent of manipulation in the competency and wealth of this nation by those higher authorities.

However, instead of the high authority provision of a decent apology and accepting the fact of what was revealed as a very dangerous plan and make those accused stand trial, they instead used their well-know option, i.e. repression of freedoms and the press and strangling all activities that would express any opinion related to the scandalous report.  This explicitly reveals and stresses the extent of the audacity and embroilment of the government in the conspiracy.  

We, hereby in our demonstration and civil and patriotic movement are merely expressing our remonstrance and anger against the conspiracy and the harm against the national unity, Arabic and Islamic identity and national wealth by those officials who still undertake the State Security Law, not satisfied with what they have previously done in terms of wide-oppressions that our peoples have long suffered from in the last three decades. They have surpassed it to enforce political naturalization on a large scale, with the objective of changing the demographic makeup and historic stance of the people of Bahrain.   

There is   solid proof that the Al-Bandar conspiracy plan is implemented by the government and those executing the plan have also taken immunity with legislative regulation to secure their continuity without any obstacles. We therefore emphasis that their action is in defiance of peoples feeling and freedom.  

We urge and call upon all society who consider Bahrain as a homeland and nation to firmly stand against this dangerous plan and work together in unity. Our demands, which are based on legislative and peaceful means with regards to this scandal, include the following:

  1. Conducting a thorough investigation on a national and international level in regards to the content of the Al-Bandar report, the systematic sectarian discrimination and the wide political naturalization
  2. To bring all those involved to trial and punish them accordingly
  3. The resignation of the government for its involvement in the scandal

We see that the continued conspiracies and crises that our people are encountering will not be resolved if not provided with the following legitimate rights, which we endeavor to continue to demand:

  1. Establishing a true and modern legitimate parliament empowered with full and complete legislative and monitoring powers.
  2. Establishing a national government chosen by the people who are the corner-stone of the three-powers. This will be implemented by a fundamental democracy in the constitutional kingdom
  3. Limiting Royal Council authorities, in order to achieve the principle of separation of powers

24th November 2006

Individuals calling for the demonstration: Isa Al-jowder, Ali Qasem Rabea, Syed Kamel Alhashemi, Sh. Mohamed Almeqdad- Mrs Layla Dashti, Saeed Alasbool- Sh. Mohamed Al-Mahfood- Dr Abduljalil Alsingace- Abdulhadi Al-khawaja- Syed Jaffar Alalawi- Ms Gada Jamsheer- Salah Alkhawaja- Dr Rashed Alrashed- Ameer Arab- Hesham Abdulmalik Shehabi- Nabeel Rajab- Syed Ahemd Almajed-Sh. Abdulla Alsaleh- Mohamed Maskati-Sh. Ali Bin Ahemd- Husain Ashoori- Sh. Hamza Alhawaj.

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