Bahrain: Vicious attack on peaceful protesters as Formula 1 reporters bear witness – Bahrain Freedom Movement

The vicious attack yesterday by the Death Squads of the ruling Al Khalifa family on a peaceful demonstration in Sitra caused serious injuries to the people while several others were subjected to summary torture. The demonstration was held by the Bahrainis against the continued detention of 26 others who have languished in torture chambers for between four and 15 months.

 The protesters were peaceful but were targeted by riot police, chemical and tear gas and rubber bullets. Among those arrested were a young Bahraini, Nabil Abdulla Ali, who was viciously beaten before his release today. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the attackers used batons, their boots and fists against the helpless Bahraini. Other protests erupted at Al Malikiya which was besieged by riot police and Death Squads. One of the town’s inhabitants, Hassan Ali Marzooq, was arrested and taken to Hamad Town police station, near Roundabout No 17. He was later transferred to hospital to treat to his severe wounds caused by the summary torture inflicted on him by the Al Khalifa thugs. He was released later. It has now become a routine practice to arrest a person, subject him to summary torture and beating and then release him. Another youth,

Following the international condemnation of the Al Khalifa for illegally holding Bahrainis who had expressed their opinion in peaceful ways, they have now decided to inflict maximum punishment in shortest time so as to avoid long-term imprisonment which had often ended in humiliation of the Al Khalifa occupiers. Among the demands of the protesters are: the unconditional release of all political prisoners, compensating them for their illegal detention and bringing torturers to justice. The protests spread to several areas including Budaya Road where columns of smoke were clearly visible in several places. Riot police and Death Squads were rushing from one place to another in a struggle against time to hide signs of public anger from the foreign journalists covering the races. The youth of Al Ma’amir also took to the streets to raise their slogans and call for an end to the dictatorship that is waging a relentless war against Bahrain. The areas of Al Daih and Al Sanabis also participated, with young protesters burning tyres on the main roads and shouting anti-regime slogans.

Columns of smoke were seen in several areas yesterday as the Bahrainis decided to mark the Formula 1 races with protests against the hereditary dictatorship and its policies of genocide against the native Baharna. Some of the participants in those races have been contacted by the Opposition who informed them of the dictatorial nature of the Al Khalifa.

In another development, the prominent activist, Dr Abdul Jalil Al Singace was today prevented from leaving the country as he attempted to cross the causeway to Saudi Arabia. Yesterday he took part in the peaceful demonstration in Sitra. He had been implicated in the “coup” attempt claimed by the ruling family earlier this year. The episode became a farce when it was confirmed that the accused detainees had been subjected to horrific torture to force them to sign pre-prepared statements. The ruler, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, was advised to bring the badly-designed, badly-presented play to an immediate end. He was forced to concede defeat and order the immediate and unconditional release of the prisoners of conscience. Dr Al Singace was among those who had defied the ruling junta and continued his criticism of their dictatorial rule. He has, however, been banned from travel for fear that the regime’s political fiasco might be exposed to the outside world.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
25th April 2009

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