Bahraini Hunger striker outside US Embassy in London – Bahrain Freedom Movement

Ali Mushaima, the 28 year Bahraini activist, has been on hunger strike for a week. Tonight he has moved to a location outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square to continue his protest at what he sees as the US complicity in the violent suppression of the Bahraini Revolution and people, and its tacit support to the Saudi occupation of the country.

He is also expressing his support and solidarity with the world-renowned human rights activist, Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja, who is in his 62nd day of hunger strike against the continued detention of himself and the rest of Bahrainis in Al Khalifa torture cells.


Ali’s father, Hassan Mushaima, is also diagnosed with cancer for which he receives no proper treatment inside those torture chambers.Ali is also protesting the participation of both John Timony and John Yates in the suppression of Bahraini pro-democracy movement.At the moment, Ali is just outside the American Embassy with his banner announcing his open hunger strike. He plans to remain there with no time limit in his mind to terminate his hunger strike. The police have told him not to erect a tent or have a chair, table, or sleeping bag. 

Ali Mushaima’ can be contacted on 0044 7851 108111

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