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Bahrain: targeting activists at a time of heightened tension

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Attacks on activists has increased in recent months and taken more sinister dimensions; including kidnapping. The latest such crime was committed last week when a young activist was kidnapped by Death Squads which are run by the royal court.


Bahrain’s people need international support in their war of survival

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It is a virtual war in Bahrain. It may be undeclared but it is there, waged by the regime and felt by the people in almost every walk of life. It is difficult to see a way out of it as long as the present political management remains in place.


Bahrain: Protests against premier’s crimes and ruler’s genocide

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Death squads were in action last night to attack the peaceful demonstrators in Sanabis town. Scores of young people went out to the streets to protest against the prime minister who represents the ultimate evil to the people of Bahrain. Demonstrators flocked to the streets to express their opinion but were attacked by the death squads and riot police who employed harsh tactics including tear gas. The area was cordoned off and running battles were fought with those mercenaries. The battles continued unabated as the people gathered their strength to fight off the aggression of those mercenaries.


The story of the tortured and the torturer

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The recent discovery that the notorious torturer Ian Henderson was still enjoying the protection of the Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain has infuriated human rights activists and added impetus to the moves to try him and other torturers for crimes against humanity. more-4154600
Bahrain: silence, corruption and repression

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The situation has suddenly flared up again with the news that the founder of the torture regime in the country was heading for Bahrain yesterday. Ian Henderson was seen with his wife at Heathrow airport on his way back after two weeks in London. The news of his return was received by his victims with indignation and disgust. more-4154600
Bahrain: Pressures mounts against the regime

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The plight of one woman could have significant impact on thousands of dispossessed families in Bahrain. Safiyya Ahmad Ali, 36, from the town of Dair in Muharraq, has been living on the street for the past ten days, with no decent lodging.


The UN was wrong to honour a dictator and mass murderer

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The people of Bahrain have been enraged by the decision by a UN committee to grant Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s despotic prime minister for the past 36 years, the prize of “human settlements”.


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Since the government decided to impose a 1 percent tax on all employees within what it calls “the Law of unemployment” there have been an outcry with a total rejection of the bill. The ruling family’s decision has only led to more polarisation in the political situation with the majority of Bahrainis rejecting what they view as an attempt to legalise robbing them of more money while the ruling family continues to expropriate more that 60 percent of the oil income.


A stagnant political regime in changing times

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The international community has taken the right decision by denying the Al Khalifa ruling family membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Govrnment of Bahrain failed to achieve support from any other country when it sought to renew its membership of the Council. It was good news for human rights activists who have repeatedly campaigned against transforming the Council into an ineffective body whose members are those who commit more human rights violations than non-members.


Bahrain: Political prisoners tortured and summary justice for demonstrators

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A young detainee has been transferred to hospital after his health deteriorated following extensive torture at the hands of the government agents. Ali Saeed Al Khabbaz, 22, from Sanabis has been taken three times to hospital since he was arrested two days ago. Concern has been raised about his physical health after his family was denied access to see him. more-4154600

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The situation in Bahrain has deteriorated rapidly in the past few weeks and the stage has now been set to more polarisation between the people and the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship. What happened in the past three days has now set the stage for this polarisation with emerging consensus for the Sheikh Hamad’s regime to go. The world has made significant steps towards democracy everywhere except in the Gulf region.


Bahrain: Tension rising as Mushaime and Khawaja decide to ingore the trial

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Mr Hassan Mushaime, the Secretary General of Haq Movement and Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja, the President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, have said they would not attend their trial on Monday 21st May. The trial was ordered by the Al Khalifa ruling family in revenge for the comments by the two popular leaders criticising the ruler, Sheikh Hamad for his dictatorship, blundering people’s wealth and imposition of a strict tribal regime on the country. The statement said the trial as “Politically motivated”, and refused to cooperate with the attempts to intimidate the people by threats, arrests and show trials.


Bahrain: four developments indicate serious rise in tension

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The reverberations from the decision by the ruling family to put three activists on trial are taking new dimensions. The situation in the country is expected to take a new turn to the worse as the civil resistance movement takes deeper roots in the Bahraini society. The situation is becoming more polarised as the people become further disenchanted with the policies of the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship.


Bahrain: The crisis deepens as repression intensifies

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The clashes between the people of Bahrain and the Al Khalifa death squads have intensified in recent days, with casualties on both sides. The events of Sanabis in the past few days have confirmed the long-held suspicion that the regime is attempting to annihilate the people with every dirty means at its disposal.


Criminal acts by the Al Khalifa against demonstrators

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As the political crisis in Bahrain deepens, demonstrations have become a recurrent event on daily basis. On Friday, the Al Khalifa rulers prevented a peaceful demonstration in protest against their criminal acts against the people of Bahrain.


Bahrain: Murder of a citizen; death squads suspected

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The Al Khalifa ruling family has refused to form an inquiry into the crime that has shocked Bahrain, despite numerous calls to that effect. In the early hours of Friday 30th March, a young Bahraini citizen was shot while on duty as a security guard at Al Bustan Hotel in Manama.


The illegitimate rule of Sheikh Hamad is doomed

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Bahrain has entered a new phase of tension; this time with new hopes and means. The events of the past few weeks have shocked even those who had worked to make it possible.


Bahrain: More attacks on freedom as minors are summoned for trial

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As the political strife continues in Bahrain, the Al Khalifa regime has become more cruel in its treatment of Bahraini citizens who peacefully express their opinion. The attack on the peaceful demonstration last Friday by the riot police has triggered a spate of anger among the citizens who are increasingly becoming disappointed by the lack of real political or economic reforms.


Young Bahraini students behind bars as Al Khalifa tighten their grip

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Students of Jidhafs School have been warned by the ruling family against participating in demonstrations calling for the release of other detainees. The warning was issued after a massive demonstration by students on 1st March calling for those who had been arrested during an earlier demonstration on Tuesday 27th February. The demonstrators were photographed by naturalised teachers and agents of the secret service.


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Political disturbances in various parts of the country erupted yesterday and today as the people of Bahrain continued their pro-democracy protests and called for an end to the hereditary dictatorship of the Al Khalifa clan. more-4154600

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