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Bahrain: Revolution re-invigorated as Bissiouni’s committee discredited

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Concern is rising for the health of the two women detainees; Jalila Al Salman and Dr Rola Al Saffar, who had started yesterday hunger strike to protest their continued detention without trial. They were part of the medical staff who were targeted by the Saudi occupiers when they invaded the country.


Bahrain: royal commission undermined on first day working day

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The anti-regime demonstrations took new dimensions yesterday when the youth took to the streets in various places. After the Friday prayers hundreds of youth staged their protest in Duraz, Bani Jamra, Barbar, Sitra, Al Ekr and other towns.


Bahrain: Vicious attacks on protestors as resistance solidifies

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Peaceful demonstrations were attacked this afternoon by the Saudi and Al Khalifa forces and Death Squads in the towns and villages of Sitra. Bahrainis have called for today’s protests calling for the right of self-determination for the citizens and an end to the hereditary dictatorship that have plagued Bahrain for decades.


Bahrain: Pressure mounting for fact-finding mission

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The political crisis in Bahrain has deepened in the past few days after it became clear that the long-awaited “dialogue” has failed drastically. Instead of dealing with the core issues relating to governance and the future role of the Al Khalifa, the regime turned it into a public meeting arguing about trivial issues that had nothing to do with the underlying causes and demands of the revolution.


Statement: Barhain’s revolution will continue despite attempts to crush it

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As we meet here today, there are hundreds of our citizens languishing in torture chambers, some of whom having been sentenced in kangaroo military courts, more than two thousand Bahrainis sacked form their jobs for taking part in peaceful demonstrations, and scores of doctors and nurses on trial for treating the injured. Moreover, repression has continued unabated; with members of the Death Squads roaming the streets, blandishing their guns to prevent any sign of protest.


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The revolutionary zeal in Bahrain proved to the world that it is still able to drive the youth towards the final victory of the revolution and the downfall of the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship. As more martyrs fell in the past few weeks, the horizons of change appear to be widening despite the regime’s attempts to contain the people’s willingness for more struggle and sacrifice.


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The ruling Al Khalifa family took revenge from its opponents yesterday by issuing life sentences against eight of the leading figures. A military court presided by a senior member of the ruling family read out the ruling in the presence of several envoys representing the USA and Europe.


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The most senior political figure in Bahraini opposition is in a serious condition languishing in the Al Khalifa torture chambers. Mr Abdul Wahab Hussain, 55, has lost almost all sense in the left part of his body and is hardly able to walk.


Two new martyrs as Formula 1 advised to boycott Bahrain

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Two Bahrainis were martyred today and yesterday as a result of the barbarity of the Al Khalifa. This morning the martyrdom of Salman Abu Idris, 63, was confirmed, two and a half months after he had been shot in the head with a live bullet. He has remained in critical condition ever since as the Al Khalifa and Saudi occupiers continued to unleash their terror on Bahrainis.


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With the prospect of further flare ups next week of the people’s revolution, the Al Khalifa have been working around the clock to elicit some international support and legitimacy as a way out of the crisis. Their efforts have, however, failed drastically. The Al Khalifa crown prince’s visit to UK and Europe brought not tangible support to his policy of repression and dictatorship.


Bahrain: International stands humiliate Al Khalifa, Saudi occupiers

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As the Al Khalifa dictators and the Saudi occupiers continue their crackdown against the people of Bahrain, the regime is facing difficult choices. On one hand the international pressures are mounting despite the American and British support. President Obama called Bahrain’s dictator earlier this week to warn him against pursuing the destructive path of human rights violations, the continuing detention of the medical staff including doctors and nurses and against the sectarian cleansing.


Bahrain: Beginning of international awareness amid more anti-Shia campaign

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As the ramifications of the Al Khalifa snub to Catherine Ashton, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs threaten serious rifts between Europe and GCC, the international pressure on Bahrain’s dictatorship has already been stepped up.


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As the situation in Bahrain takes more an uglier face of state persecution, more calamities have been unfolding. The body of Karim Fakhrawi, 49, a father of three summarised the tragedy that has befallen the Bahraini people at the hands of the Al Khalifa regime.


Bahrain: Carnage and genocide under Saudi occupation

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As the Bahraini crisis deepens, an international outcry is developing against the American and British support of the Saudi occupation and the ethnic cleansing being implemented against the Shia Muslim natives.


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Despite the Saudi occupation, the Al Khalifa-imposed martial law and curfew Bahraini people went out today in peaceful demonstrations in several areas. At least one person has been added to the ever-growing list of martyrs.


Press Conference: The Saudi invasion and the suppression of the revolution

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A Press Conference was held on Monday 21st March at the House of Lords. It was addressed by several speakers with images and video clips. Lord Avebury who chaired the meeting said that the moves for democracy in the Arab world are moving forward despite the repression of the regimes.


Save Bahrain from Saudi occupation

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The use of the American-made and supplied Apache helicopter gunships, the British-made and supplied tear gas canisters and guns and various other weapons has exposed the catastrophic moral and ethical downfall of all involved in the attack on the unarmed civilians of Bahrain.


American and British arms used to kill peaceful Bahrainis

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The use of the American-made and supplied Apache helicopter gunships, the British-made and supplied tear gas canisters and guns and various other weapons has exposed the catastrophic moral and ethical downfall of all involved in the attack on the unarmed civilians of Bahrain.


Bahrain’s revolution reaches what could become decisive phase

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The people’s revolution is on its track; calling for the removal of the regime and performing various activities on the road to victory. In the past week several remarakable activities were undertaken with sounding success.


Bahrain: People’s revolution heralds new history

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Within a week of the launching of the people’s revolution in Bahrain, the number of martyrs has reached eight, all murdered in cold blood by the riot police and soldiers. Since the first peaceful demonstration at sunrise on Monday 14th February (Bahrain’s Day of Rage) led by Abdul Wahab Hussain was mercilessly crushed by the riot police, the situation has escalated and the first martyr fell. Ali Abdul Hadi Mushaime was killed after being hit with shotguns.


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