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1. Hanni Abbas Khamis, 24, Sanabis, 17 December 94, shot dead

2. Hani Ahmad Al-Wasti, 22, Jedhafs, 17 December 94, shot dead

3. Haji Mirza Ali abdul Redha, 70, Qadam, 20 Dec 94, Beaten to death by security forces

4. Abdul Qadir Al-Fatlawi, 18, Duraz, 12 January 95, shot dead

5. Mohammed Redha Manssor, 34, Bani Jamra, 25 January 95, shot dead

6. Hussain Ali Al-Safi, 26, Sitra, 26 January 95, shot dead

7. Aqeel Salman Al-Saffar, 1 year, Bilad Al-Qadeem, 8 February 95, inhaled tear gas for prolonged period

8. Hussain Ma’atooq, 12, Daih, 8 March 95, died after a holicopter flew low above the house. He was on top of the house

9. Hamid Abdulla Qasim, 17, Duraz, Killed on 26 March 95, shot dead

10. Mohammed Ali Abdul Razzaq, 48, Bani Jamra, Killed on 1 April 95, shot dead

11. Mohammed Yousif Atteya, 28, Bani Jamra, Killed on 1 April 95, shot dead

12. Hussain Abdulla Al-Asheeri, 17 years old, from Dair, Killed on 19 April 95, shot dead

13. Nidal Habib Al-Nashaba, 18, Duraz, killed on 4 May 95, shot dead

14. Saeed Al-Eskafi, 16, Sanabis, died under torture on 8 July 95, died under torture

15.. Mohammed Shehab Fardan, 10, Karzakkan, 25 May 95, died after an explosion during clashes

16. Hassan Jasim Al-Hasawi, 70, Nuaim, 7 Jan 96, inhaled tear gas for prolonged period

17. Mohammed Hassan Taher, 22, Jedhafs, 6 March 96, died in mysterious circumstances

18. Isa Hassan Qambar, 29, Nuweidrat, 26 March 96, executed

19. Fadhil Abbas Marhoon, 25, Karzakkan, 6 May 96, Shot dead by a special military unit

20. Salman Al-Taitoon, 28, Sanabis, 7 May 96, House exploded by special military unit

21. Ali Salman Al-Taitoon, 3, Sanabis, 7 May 96, House exploded by special military unit

22. Fadeela Al-Mutghawwi (Al-Taitoon), 23, Sanabis, 7 May 96, House exploded by special military unit

23. Abdul Amir Hassan Rustom, 36, Sanabis, 12 May 96, Beaten to death during clashes

24. Mahmmod Abdul-Latif Hissain, 12, Sanabis, 11 June 96, tortured to death

25. Ali Taher, 17, Sitra, 2 July 96, shot dead.

26. Zahra Ibrahim Kadhem, 54, Bani Jamra, 23 July 96, Beaten to death by security forces

27. Seyed Ali Amin Mohammed, 19, Karbabad, 17 August 96, tortured to death

28. Bashir Abdulla Ahmad Fadhl, 27, Daih, 20 May 1997, Beaten to death during an attack by security forces.

29. Abdul Zahra Ibrahim Abdulla, 27 years old, Sanabis, 6 June 1997, was beaten by the security forces that attacked the residents of Sanabis on 1 June.

30. Sheikh Ali Al-Nachas, a blind person, about 50 years old, Bilad Al-Qadim, on 29 June 1997. During the morning, the well-known torturer Adel Flaifel summoned two persons and told them that Sheikh Al-Nachas is now dead. Sheikh Ali Al-Nachas was detained in January 1996 and sentenced for one-year accused of delivering political sermons in mosques. Released in February 1997 only to be re-detained a short time later accused of delivering similar sermons in a local mosque. For 2-3 months he had been ill-treated in detention and reports have spoken of his health deterioration as a result of this ill-treatment. Two weeks prior to his death, his house was ransacked by the security forces and his wife was beaten severely inside her bedroom.

The information minister, Mohammed Al-Motawwa was quoted by local papers on 29 June 1997 saying, “the security forces are monitoring the movements of these (opposition) elements for repulsing all their die-hard attempts”. Hence, the killing of Bahrainis.


Abd Ali Jasim Isa Yousif, 45 years old, from Nu’iam, died in Salmanya Hospital on 8 August 1997, as a result of the deterioration of his health in jail. Mr. Yousif was detained a year ago. He became ill with hepatitis and the prison authorities prevented him from receiving the appropriate medical attention. In mid June, at a late stage, he was transferred to the Military Hospital and then o Saalmanya Hospital Wards 11 and 62 until his death on 8 August 1997.

32. On 22 September 1997: The residents of Sitra-Wadyan buried one of their dear sons: Yaser Ibrahim Ali Sdaif, 22 years old. Yaser was detained in early 1995 and had suffered extreme forms of torture. One type of torture caused bleeding and resulted in the deterioration of his health. It was the insertion of a bottle in his back passage. He later develeped cancer. His conditions became very serious two months ago. His death brings to mind the horrific treatment of prisoners under the hands of the merciless torture-officers headed by Ian Henderson.

33. The people of Bahrain mourned a new martyr today, 21 July 1998. Nooh Khalil Abdulla Al-Nooh, 22 years old, was arrested in a raid on his parent’s house in Nuaim district (Manama) on Saturday 18 July. Few days later, the interior ministry telephoned the family of the martyr and ordered them to collect the dead body of their son from the mortuary. As the family went to receive the body of their dear son, the foreign security forces had already encircled the district of Nuaim. Nevertheless, the citizens penetrated the siege and about 1500 people attended the burial and funeral of the young man. The people photographed his body. It was full of torture, the kind of which is applied to all citizens taken into custody for interrogation. The tortured body carried signs of electric shocks, sever beating and drilling-penetrations. The people chanted for the freedom of the nation and called for the punishment of torturers.

Mr. Al-Sayyah, a university graduate, was initially arrested on 5 April 1995 and tortured severely by a Jordanian officer named Mahmood l-Akkori (so-called Abo-Fakhri) until 12 July 1995. His condition had deteriorated following the session of torture under Al-Akkori. He had been subjected to electric shocks and was severely beaten on sensitive parts of his body. He was then stripped naked and forced to sit on a bottle which caused him to suffer immensely after his release. Months later, he developed cancer and the pains continued with him until his death.

12 February 1999 : Haj Ali Karim, 60, (Sanabis), passed away after three years of suffering. Mr. Karim died in Salmania Hospital as a result of injuries he suffered when the security forces attacked a peaceful procession to commemoration of the Martyr Issa Qambar in March 1996.

Other victims:

Other victims fell down as a result of the faulty iron-fist policy adopted by the ruling Al-Khalifa family. These include 10 expatriates and 4 security men. {updated on 2 January 1997}

Amongst the 10, Seven Bangladeshi workers died on 14 March 1996. The government claimed they died when a resturant was set ablaze. Nine people were arbitrarily arrested and tortured. Lawyers presented more than 40 witnesses to prove the innocence of the nine. There is indication that the security forces are implicated. The bodies that were shown on TV were not burnt although all contents were fully burnt. The government rushed and buried the bodies without allowing any Bangladeshi official to witness the bodies. The Bangladeshi embassy in Bahrain protested against the burial.

2 Jan 97: Reuters and local papers reportaed that an Asian man was killed and two were injured in the Tubli area, eight km (five miles) south of the capital Manama, on Tuesday (1 Januaray 1997) evening.

The victim, Abdul-Hameed Mohy Eldin, was found dead in a buliding in the area where clashes had been reported.

MANAMA, June 13, 1997 (Reuter) – Four Asians died and a fifth is in critical condition after an arson attack on a shop in the Bahraini capital Manama on Friday, an interior ministry official said. The official, quoted by the Gulf News Agency, said the four died from smoke inhalation.

MANAMA, Bahrain 14 June 1997 (AP) — Four Indians, including three family members, have died in an arson fire, the Interior Ministry reported. It said the fire, which gutted an upholstery shop, took place Friday afternoon in Bahrain’s capital, Manama. The English-language Gulf Daily News on Saturday 14 June 1997identified the victims of Friday’s fire as KV Paulose, his wife Aleyamma, their 10-year-old son Sandeep and his friend Ranjit Jayaprakash, 11. The family lived in an apartment above the upholstery shop.

6 February 1997: One victim of the security forces died today. Zahra Ali Hassan was in a car with three other women and a man, Ibrahim Salman, passing through the southern entrance of Sitra on 31 January at 11.30 pm, when a police jeep (with three policemen) was heading at a fast speed in the wrong direction with its lights switched off. The jeep crashed into the private car severely injuring Zahra and the other citizens. An ambulance belonging to the military hospital arrived a short time later to collect the security men and leave the injured citizens without assistance. Other citizens rushed to the scene, and arranged for the transfer of the injured to Salmanya hospital. Zahra died today suffering from her wounds. Two of the policemen are reported to have died as well.

25 February 1997: Jaffer Yousif Ahmad has died. Jaffer (from Ras-Romman) was sentenced in 1980 for fifteen years. As a result of the torture in the Al-Khalifa jails, Jaffer suffered immensely. The doctors stated that he had developed a cancer in the brain at the hands of his torturers. The security forces attacked mourners in Ras Romman and in the Hoora Cemetery on 28 February, where people have gathered for the third day ceremony of the latest martyr Jaffer Yousif Ahmad who died on 25 February following his release from jail with a brain cancer. About 300 foreign forces attacked the citizens in the cemetery with tear gas and harassed the elderly, the children and women.

MANAMA, July 6, 1997 (Reuter) – A Bangladeshi man was killed and another was seriously injured after arsonists set a store ablaze in Bahrain, a government official said on Sunday.

“A Bangladeshi was killed and another was in serious condition when a group attacked a cold store in Sitra on Saturday night,” the official told Reuters.

MANAMA, July 8 (Reuter) – A Bangladeshi man died in hospital on Tuesday, raising the death toll in an arson attack this week in Bahrain to two, a government official said.

“The man died in hospital this morning,” the official told Reuters.

A Bangladeshi worker died when a group of people set a store ablaze on Saturday in Sitra, linked with the capital Manama by a three km (1.8 mile) causeway

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