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Bahrain Freedom Movement – 14/09/2012

The United Nations has singled out 16 nations for cracking down on critics, including Bahrain, saying most of those countries’ governments are going unpunished for their acts of reprisal.


Bahrain: World’s reaction unanimous on rejecting military court sentences

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 07/09/2012

On Tuesday 4th September, the Alkhalifa Appeal Court read out the dictator’s decision to uphold his earlier decision to jail the leaders of the Revolution. In June 2011 the 21 leaders had been “tried” by the military court which sentenced eight of them to life terms; the others to 5-15 years.


Bahrain: Alkhalifa humiliated into unconditional submission to Iran

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 31/08/2012

One of most outrageous and humiliating initiatives by the Alkhalifa ruling clan is its decision to unilaterally send its ambassador to Tehran.


Bahrain: Revolution continues unabated as HR defenders jailed

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 17/08/2012

Bahrain’s dictator has ordered the imprisonment of the most prominent human rights activist for three years for tweeting anti-regime sentiments.


Russia asks UNSC to deal with Bahrain’s revolution

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 10/08/2012

In an unprecedented development, Russian has asked the UN Security Council to debate the case of Bahrain where a popular revolution has been taking place for the past 18 months.


Bahrain: Country-wide protests as tear gas is used as a weapon

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 03/08/2012

As the Bahraini revolution reaches its climax, countrywide demonstrations have taken place yesterday in most parts of the countries. Parallel with these protests, the Alkhalifa regime has intensified its repression, especially the use of chemical gases that have causes the death of at least forty people over the past year.


Bahrain: Repression intensifies as Revolution re-invigorated

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 27/07/2012

Since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadhan the Bahraini Revolution has escalated dramatically. At least 25 demonstrations have taken place every day and night with one clear message:


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 20/07/2012

As efforts to ban the notorious torturer, Nasser bin Ahmad from attending the London Olympics continue, it has transpired that the UK Government has ignored several requests and pleas supported by irrefutable evidence against him.


Bahrain: Regional turmoil following killings and arrests by Saudi regime

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 13/07/2012

The dramatic developments in the past few days in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia have reverberated in all corners of Bahrain. The cold-blooded murder, by Saudi police, of two demonstrators on 8th July was a brutal crime by a regime intent on pursuing its evil goals at any cost.


Bahrain: Terrorising citizens into submission

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 06/07/2012

Tension is rising as the regime decides to throttle the people to death, denying them the rights of speech, assembly and association.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 29/06/2012

He is only 18 months old, but he had to pay the ultimate price for being born in a country riddled with hate, repression and criminality of a regime that has adopted revenge as the main weapon against its opponents.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 22/06/2012

The arrest, torture and abuse of a young University girl student by the men of John Timoney and John Yates have shaken the country to the core. Zahra Al Shaikh, 21, from Karbabad, was arrested for taking part in an anti-regime peaceful protest.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 17/06/2012

As preparations for London Olympics get underway questions are being asked about the possible attendance of certain criminals whose presence will undoubtedly stain the reputation of the sports and undermine the values of dignity, justice and human rights.


Bahrain: Two martyrs as medics jailed again, children tortured and injured

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 15/06/2012

Two people have been martyred as a result of using chemical gases against peaceful demonstrators. Maryam Nasir Abdullah, 80, was martyred last Saturday on 9th June. Last night excessive use of violence by regime’s forces caused many injuries.


Bahrain: Detained, tortured 11 years Ali to his lawyer: I want to go home

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 08/06/2012

Nabeel Rajab, the President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights is back in prison, only days after his release. The reason is his refusal to abandon his right to free speech and expression of opinion.


Bahrain: New martyr as leaders boycott political trials

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 01/06/2012

A young Bahraini youth has been martyred after being hit by police vehicle a few weeks ago. Mohammad Rahdi Mahfoodh, 25, died as a result especially with the lack of care he had received at a hospital run by the military.


Bahrain: After UPR Geneva session, Alkhalifa lost legitimacy to remain

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 25/05/2012

The week’s highlight has been the almost unanimous international verdict against the ruling Alkhalifa dynasty for its brutal violation of human rights. The regime was condemned by most of the EU countries at the Human Rights Council (HRC) meeting in Geneva on Monday 21st May when Bahrain’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was conducted.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 18/05/2012

The invitation of the dictator, Hamad bin Isa Alkhalifa to the Queen’s Diamond jubilee celebrations has been marred by controversy and media attention that has clouded the event. Human Rights activists have expressed dismay at the invitation and called for banning the dictator from attending.


Bahrain: Revolution continues, regime squeezed into last repressive stand

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 11/05/2012

With four most prominent human rights activists languishing behind bars in torture dungeons, the Alkhalifa rulers have shot themselves in the foot. Many voices have been raised against the invitation of the self-styled king, Hamad Alkhalifa to the Diamond Jubilee in London later this month.


Bahrain Freedom Movement – 04/05/2012

On Thursday the people reacted angrily with disgust at the dictator’s constitutional changes that failed to address the real issues in the country. The 14th February Youth Alliance viewed these “changes” as “confirmation that the Alkhalifa regime is incapable of reforming itself or being reformed, therefore, it has to go”.


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