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Bahrain: The revolution continues, one year on

– 16/02/2012

1329410962-4178747 On 14th February 2011 Bahraini youth declared their revolution demanding a fundamental change in the system of government, that hereditary dictatorship must end and that the people are given the right to determine their own destiny. The Saudis intervened militarily while the Americans failed to support the pro-democracy activists. The revolutionary youth are determined to make the change and end the black era of the Al Khalifa, their dictatorship and torture. more-2996678
Bahrain: Dead End for a regime guilty of systematic torture

– 31/12/2011

1283536464-7091213 The incompatibility of the Bahraini regime with modern standards of democracy and human rights has been clearly manifested in Bissiouni’s report. Yet Al Khalifa allies continue to prop up a regime that has been proven to use systematic torture and extra-judicial killing. There is ample evidence that crimes against humanity have been committed. Shouldn’t ICC be involved? 15th December 2011 more-2996678
Bahrain: Time to support regime change and end occupation

– 07/11/2011

1320693150-7451381 Proceedings of seminar hosted by Lord Avebury, Vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group on 1st November, 2011. Despite the lack of support from the West, the people of Bahrain have not been deterred from pursuing regime change which started on 14th February. The Al Khalifa regime, propped up by the Saudi army has failed to impress their allies with their continued repression and lack of any reforms. What is the reality on the ground, the prospects of a solution and the likely outcome? more-2996678
Forty years after the British withdrawal

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 25/08/2011

Bahrain: From colonialism to dictatorship and occupation In mid-August 1971 Britain withdrew its forces from all areas east of Suez, including Bahrain. The end of the 150 years of British protection heralded a new era of extreme repressive dictatorship. How much did the British legacy influence the subsequent decades? How deeply-rooted is the on-going revolution in that legacy? Can the regime survive?


– 18/08/2011

BAHRAIN COMMERATION AND THANKS TO SUPPORTERS Abrar Foundation 15th August, 2011 Chairman:We would like to show our gratitude to all those who have helped us since the revolution on February 14th until today and most importantly we are gathered to celebrate a date which is banned in Bahrain. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary since the British left Bahrain- so it is in fact our independence day.

Bahrain; failed political experiment

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 01/09/2008

1220260999-3843860 serious HR violations A seminar organised by Lord Avebury, the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group Speakers and commentators presented their views on the failed political programme, people’s demands and the regime’s inability to address the crisis Thursday 21st August 2008 more-2996678

– 11/04/2010

Dear Miss Ali: Thank you for contacting me to express concern about human rights violations in Bahrain. As a member of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, I share your concern and appreciated hearing from you.


– 11/04/2010

Dear Mrs. Ali: Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for human rights in Bahrain. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome your input.

Constituent Comments on International Relations from Bart’s Website‏

– 08/04/2010

Dear Danny, Thank you for sharing your concerns about the ongoing violence against activists and political prisoners in Bahrain. I appreciate hearing your views on this sensitive issue.


– 05/04/2010

Dear Kasampula, Thank you for contacting me about the status of human rights in Bahrain. After instability during the late 1990s and the substantial political reforms that followed, tensions between ruling Sunni Muslims and the Shiite majority still exist. Issues regarding freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and women’s rights persist.


– 02/04/2010

Dear Yusuf, Thank you for contacting me to express your strong concerns about human rights violations in Bahrain and your opposition to President Obama’s fiscal year 2010 request for $19.5 million in economic and military aid for that nation. I value your point of view and appreciate the opportunity to respond.


– 31/03/2010

March 31, 2010 Dear Mr. A, Thank you for contacting me about human rights violations and religious discrimination in Bahrain. I take this issue very seriously, and I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.


– 29/03/2010

Physical Coercion during Interrogations

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 16/02/2010

1266275600-1716604 The example of Bahrain Joe Stork, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, a consultant with Human Rights Watch and Senior Attorney in the New York office of Dorsey & Whitney LLP Tuesday 9th February more-2996678
Bahrain: state terrorism against opponents at home and in exile

Bahrain Freedom Movement – 18/08/2009

A desperate regime seeks revenge from its pro-democracy opponents through acts of terrorism; its latest addition to a dossier of crimes against humanity. A seminar hosted by Lord Avebury, the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group on 6th August 2009.Introduction: LORD AVEBURY: Over the many years that we have been holding these twice a year seminars, we have discussed the whole catalogue of human rights abuses that have been inflicted on the people of Bahrain, for which there has always been the same basic cause: the requirement by a widely unpopular hereditary dictatorship to maintain itself in power.


– 10/04/2009

1239366311-2871730 Eric Avebury Wednesday, April 08, 2009 Today we held very successful seminar on the political and human rights crises in Bahrain at Millbank House, a Parliamentary annex. more-2996678
“Freedom finally prevails”

– 10/04/2009

1239365910-6697177 Abduljalil Alsingace Statement in the Press Conference on Bahrain: Paradoxes of the Kingdom of Silence 12.00 PM, Wednesday 8th April 2009 House of Lords, London- United Kingdom Lord Avebury,the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group at the House of Lords, UK. more-2996678
2008 Human Rights Report: Bahrain

– 26/02/2009

1235648112-2081402 Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices February 25, 2009 Bahrain is a monarchy with a population of approximately 1,050,000, including approximately 530,000 who are citizens. King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa is the head of state and all branches of government. The king appoints a cabinet of ministers; more-2996678
Economist Intelligence Unit Index of Democracy

– 24/12/2008

1230062940-6780751 The Economist has in a study examined the state of democracy in 167 countries and attempted to quantify this with an Economist Intelligence Unit Index of Democracy which focused on five general categories; electoral process and pluralism, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation and political culture. According to Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index 2008 Sweden scored a total of 9.88 on a scale from zero to ten, which was the highest result, while North Korea scored the lowest with 0.86. [1] The countries are categorized into “Full Democracies more-2996678

– 06/09/2008

1220684829-4320657 The government of Bahrain pursued its crackdown on opposition activists in 2007. Critics of the ruling al-Khalifa family staged regular public gatherings demanding greater human and political rights, which security forces forcibly dispersed. Authorities continued to limit free expression, blocking access to popular websites and detaining prominent figures who publicly criticized state leaders. Meanwhile, simmering sectarian tensions between the country’s majority Shiite population and the ruling Sunni minority persisted during the year more-2996678

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