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UAE Should Think of Border Disputes with S. Arabia instead of Rapping Iran

– 16/04/2012

TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Bahraini political activist censured the UAE for its irrational reaction to the Iranian president’s recent visit to the Persian Gulf island of Abu Musa, while leaving its crucial border disputes with Saudi Arabia, and called on Abu Dhabi to find a solution to its territorial disputes with Riyadh instead of raising unfounded claims against Iran. more-2745298
Commodore fired for partying, nudity in Bahrain

– By Sam Fellman – Staff Writer – 09/04/2012

By nightfall June 3, what began as an officer’s move-in bash at her new apartment in Bahrain’s Floating City was getting out of hand. Partiers had been drinking all day Friday. And the party had spilled from her patio onto rafts in the canal alongside. more-2745298
Saudi Arabia pushing Bahrain to solve crisis, fears Syria effect

– By Andrew Hammond – 22/03/2012

1332415117-2009809 MANAMA (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia wants Bahrain’s government and opposition to resolve a political crisis that it fears could worsen because of the sectarian fallout of fighting in Syria and destabilise its Eastern Province, a diplomat and opposition politician said. more-2745298
Don’t look away from Bahrain’s revolution

– 08/03/2012

1331212111-1473264 Egypt today is grappling with military rule after the fall of Mubarak, and so is Bahrain. Inspired by the Egyptian revolution, Bahrainis took to the streets on 14 February 2011 to call for democratic political reforms. One month after the pro-democracy protests began, Bahrainis faced a brutal military crackdown, when Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) troops entered the country to quell the Bahraini uprising. Basically, Saudi Arabia did to Bahrain what it couldn’t do to Egypt: intervene directly to save a long-standing ally. One year after the uprising, Bahraini activists on the ground are calling for greater solidarity from their Egyptian counterparts in the battle against military brutality. more-2745298
Bahrain, We Hardly Knew Ye

– by Kate Raphael – 17/02/2012

On Tuesday, February 14, six U.S. human rights activists were swiftly deported from Bahrain, as people all over the country attempted to reach the capital, Manama, to reoccupy Pearl Roundabout. 60 people have died in the uprising which began on February 14, 2011 at the Roundabout.

Bahrain opposition presses for change

– By Simeon Kerr in Manama – 16/02/2012

1329405025-7244246 High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. After making initial contact with the island’s ruling family last week, Bahrain’s opposition has reiterated its demand for fundamental change in the country’s ruling system, saying direct talks with the king are needed to resolve simmering tensions. The possibility of a return to dialogue has encouraged onlookers, but strong scepticism remains on both sides about the likelihood of reaching a breakthrough that could end the country’s year long political and economic crisis. more-2745298
Anonymous marks Bahrain anniversary by hacking U.S. tear gas company

– By Elizabeth Flock – 14/02/2012

Much of the tear gas that has so often filled the streets during protests in the Arab Spring comes from one place: Jamestown, Pa.


– By William Fisher – 23/01/2012

1327345095-3785993 While unarmed civilians die on Bahrain’s streets, the king of the tiny oil-rich nation continues to tell his people he is eager for dialogue and refuses entry to a prominent human rights champion from the U.S. Denied a visa was Richard Sollom, deputy president of the US-Based Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), who was hoping to attend the trial of doctors and nurses that treated injured protestors during months of unrest last year. more-2745298
Sacked Bahrain F1 staff stay out

– Bill Law BBC Radio News – 21/01/2012

1327164171-3376369 The row over 29 sacked Formula 1 employees deepened on Thursday when it emerged that most have yet to return to work. The workers say they were fired for participating in protests against the government of King Hamad Bin Isa al-Khalifa. more-2745298
Post-BICI Bahrain: between reform and stagnation

– Elham Fakhro and Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, 19 January 2012 – 20/01/2012

As the first anniversary of the February 14 uprising approaches, the regime and the country at large find themselves at a crossroads in which there is dangerously little space for a strong middle ground.

Airshow organisers under fire from human rights group

– By Tim Harris – 19/01/2012

A FARNBOROUGH-based company has come under fire for its involvement in this weekend’s Bahrain International Airshow. The Bahrain Freedom Movement has called on organisers of the event, which is billed for this weekend, to call off the show in light of recent unrest in the country.

Bahrain: Call To Resolve Travel Ban Conundrum

– Written by: Eurasia Review – 18/01/2012

Bahraini authorities should immediately resolve the predicament of foreign residents prevented from leaving the country due to debts, or from working to repay those debts, Human Rights Watch said. Authorities have prohibited dozens of expatriate workers from leaving Bahrain for debt-related reasons while also refusing to renew their residency and work permits, making it impossible for them to earn money to repay the debts and in some cases forcing them into penury.

Bahrain pushes reform agenda

– By Bill Law BBC News – 18/01/2012

1326881139-4522043 The government of Bahrain has had a busy few weeks, pushing ahead with a reform agenda against a backdrop of continuing unrest. more-2745298
Business as usual in bloody Bahrain

– Ala’a Shehabi and Kristian Ulrichsen – 11/01/2012

1326274090-8322974 It’s no surprise the Countess of Wessex accepted jewellery from the Bahraini royal family: Britain has been its backbone for years News that the Countess of Wessex accepted gifts of jewellery from Bahrain’s royal family is not surprising. After almost 200 years of British-supported rule by the House of Khalifa, Bahrainis are no closer to human rights or democracy. Meanwhile, British firms continue to profit from the ongoing crackdown, as the British government seemingly turns a blind eye to continuing abuses. more-2745298
Why Pearl Revolution has not yet succeeded?

– 06/01/2012

There is nothing wrong if revolutionaries in Bahrain ask themselves: it has been almost a year so why our revolution has not succeeded yet despite the high price we’ve paid? Have we failed already?

Bahrain’s revolutionaries

– 03/01/2012

1325607579-4586766 Bahrain’s February 14th movement has become a symbol of resistance and fortitude…and the most powerful political force in Bahrain today. This confederation of loosely organized networks, named after the date of the beginning of Bahrain’s revolution, is faceless, secretive, and anonymous. more-2745298
Bahrain Commission report details deadly pogroms against migrant workers

– Murtaza Hussein | 1 January 2012 – 02/01/2012

1325500955-7907483 Amidst the violence of Bahrain’s revolution, an uprising broadly characterized by violent clashes between pro-democracy protestors and government security forces, a different and equally disturbing narrative was taking place throughout the country. more-2745298
Bahraini doctors call for neutral trial

– Agence France-Presse – 28/12/2011

MANAMA // Shiite doctors on bail in Bahrain pending retrial for their role in pro-democracy protests demanded a neutral hearing as they spoke of being subjected to months of torture. “I can’t talk,” sobbed a consultant paediatrician, Nader Dawani, who said he was made to stand for prolonged periods of time, while being beaten, mainly by a female officer.

In Bahrain’s Hour of Peril, Where Does The U.S. Stand?

– By William Fisher – 28/12/2011

1325068592-9881781 The United Nations’ top human rights official is calling on tiny, oil-rich Bahrain to release prisoners detained for joining peaceful demonstrations earlier this year, and to restore the jobs of thousands of people who were dismissed for joining the protest. more-2745298
Bahrain: Dialogue With Teargas?

– By William Fisher – 20/12/2011

1324375144-9699478 Some mainstream media are suggesting that the Bahraini version of The Arab Spring is over. Crushed was the word used by one of the mainstream US newspapers. more-2745298

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