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(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – In a meeting with representatives of religious institutions of the United Nations, and in the presence of an elite group of jurists as well as Bahraini activists, Dr Maytham al-Salman talked about certain characteristics of Bahrain notably kindness of its people and their openness to accept other thoughts.

He regarded Manama as an exemplary model with regards to religious tolerance where followers of great religions live by side for more than a century in an atmosphere saturated by respect and appreciation.

Dr al-Salman ruled out presence of a Shia-Sunni conflict in Bahrain.  Instead, he argued that what is happening on the ground relates to democratic aspirations being met by an authoritarian rule.

Dr. al-Salman stressed that the people of Bahrain would reject and not remain silent in case of assault on a single church.  Yet, the authorities in Bahrain had surprised the world by demolishing some 38 mosques and vandalizing other places of worship, in one of the worst sectarian crimes in modern era.  He reminded the attendees of the crime of demolishing the historical (Berbaghi) mosque, which dates back to 1549.

Dr. al-Salman reiterated that it was a duty of concerned institutions to press UNESCO to offer protection to mosques and ancient buildings subjected to threats in Bahrain in order to ensure that these structures would no longer face official demolition and sabotage. He highlighted the threat when the Minister of Justice considered the demolished mosques as only 10% among the total unpermitted buildings that should be face the same.  He, also, reminded the gathering that 9 of such buildings meet UNESCO’s requirements to be registered as historical structures.

Dr. al-Salman concluded his remarks by placing on emphasis on dialogue, civil equality, coexistence and democracy whilst rejecting violence, discrimination, extremism and dictatorship.

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