Bahrain: Alkhalifa humiliated into unconditional submission to Iran – Bahrain Freedom Movement

One of most outrageous and humiliating initiatives by the Alkhalifa ruling clan is its decision to unilaterally send its ambassador to Tehran.

The unexplained decision came after almost twenty months of propaganda bombardment of Iran for allegedly instigating the protests in Bahrain. Three phases have now emerged of Alkhalifa approach to the Islamic Republic. The first lasted one month after the start of the 14th February Revolution. Alkhalifa officials went out of their way to absolve Iran of any role. The second phase lasted 19 months starting the day the Saudis invaded Bahrain. To justify this Saudi aggression the propaganda machine of both Riyadh and Manama started their campaign against Iran although no one, apart from US, UK believed them. Now the third phase has started. The dictator returned his emissary in a humiliating way. Iran reacted by refusing to send its ambassador to Manama. Foreign Minister, Ali Salehi repeated the assertion that the ambassador would not return “until the regime’s aggression against the people has ended”. What a humiliation to a bankrupt illegitimate regime.Nevertheless, the repression has increased in recent days. The leaders of the Revolution have been ill-treated to the extent that one of them has been transferred to hospital after his condition deteriorated as a result of torture. Mohammad Hassan Jawad, 65, is the eldest prisoner and is being targeted for possible elimination to stop him giving evidence against Nasser, the son of the dictator. Nasser has been accused of personally torturing many prisoners. At least three have testified against him, including Mr Jawad. Fears are growing that the three may be eliminated to stop them giving evidence against this torturer. Mr Jawad is reported to be seriously ill, vomiting blood and in great pain. He has been taken to the military hospital. Some people saw him there and described his condition as poor. His family is being denied access to him. The other leaders as well as Nabeel Rajab have been subjected to abuse, torture and other forms of ill-treatment. They are being persecuted for refusing to attend Alkhalifa court in recent weeks. The dictator is yet to announce his decision on their fate next week. International NGOs and governments have called for their immediate and unconditional release but they are still incarcerated.The youngest political prisoner has been sentenced to one more week of incarceration in the torture chambers. Mirza Abdul Shahid, 12, has been subjected to horrible treatment and all calls for his release have been unheeded.Two other children are denied medical care for their ailment. Hussain Ali Hassan Al Aradi, 16, has 25 shotgun pellets in his body, only four of which have been removed. He was arrested two months ago, sentenced to 45 days initially, then renewed for a similar period. He is accused of taking part in a peaceful demonstration. Another child is Sayyed Ali Sayyed Mustafa Al Mahafdha, 16, who was arrested two months ago. He suffers from inability to pass water, high temperature and persistent stomach ache. He is held at the notorious Dry Dock prison. He is unable to talk loudly because of pain. His father said that despite repeated pleas he remains behind bars while health continues to deteriorate.There have been several demonstrations in support of Bahraini revolution in several countries. In Sydney, Australia, tens of people demonstrated on Tuesday in support of the people of Bahrain and calling for the release of Nabeel Rajab. In Washington yesterday, a group of Americans entered the Bahrain Embassy compound, held their banners depicting Nabeel Rajab and Zainab Alkhawaja and calling for their immediate and unconditional release and shouting anti-regime slogans. After a while the police asked them to leave the compound but allowed them to stand on the pavement protesting against the Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship.Meanwhile in Manama, the show trial of Zainab Al Khawaja was yesterday adjourned until 3rd September as well as that of Fakhriya Ahmad who is accused of sheltering a wanted person. Next week will be a crucial period for the country. The dictator will announce his decision on the fate of the leaders whose show trial had been adjourned until 4th September.The people, meanwhile, have been conducting their protests and demonstrations on daily basis; day and night. Women participate in almost every protest anytime of the day. The standard slogan is: People want regime change; Down with Hamad.Bahrain Freedom Movement

31st August 2012

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