Al-Khalifas dominate judiciary

Al-Khalifas dominate judiciary

The arbitrary sentencing has been extensively used as a means of punishing Bahrainis seeking political reforms. The way the ruling family staffed their courts confirms that the judiciary is nothing more than a repressive tool.

The court of cassation is composed of four jugdes, the president is Sheikh Khlifa bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa (a member of the ruling family and brother of the under-secretary for the interior ministry) and three other Egyptian judges.

The State Security Court was established in 1975 following the dissolution of the elected National Assembly. Last March it was widened to three courts and given extra-ordinary powers to pass arbitrary sentences.

The first court is presided by a member of the ruling family, Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Jaber Al-Khalifa. Two Egyptian judges sit alongside him: Ali Mansoor and Mohammed Ra’afet Mostafa Barghash.

The second court is presided by an Egyptian: Mohammed Hamdi. Two judges sit alongside him, a Sudanese and a Bahraini: Mahmood Al-Salimi and Omar Khalaf-Allah.

The third court is presided by a member of the ruling family: Sheikh Khalifa bin Rashid Al-Khalifa. Two judges sit alongside him: Mosa’ad Ramadan Al-Saei and Abdulla Badeer (Egyption).

These individuals are the least just and independent people in the universe. They are more than biased in all their rulings (which can not be appealed) and they are full hate to Bahrainis. They are the materialisation of an inferiority complex that is inherent within the ruling establishment that avoids any interaction with the citizens of the country other than adversary relationship.

The civil courts are staffed with about 35 judges. The Al-Khalifa fill senior positions. Out of the 35 judges, there are 4 Bahraini Shi’a. These are not allowed to handle political cases.


8 October 1998

The State Security Courts (four chambers) are presided by members of the ruling Al-Khalifa family with Egyptian judges recruited for two-year contracts. These contracts are only renewed if these judges implement all the pre-specified sentences dictated by the interior and justice ministers. Two new Egyptian judges had been recruited on 8 October, Tharwat Abdul Hamid and Abdul Mun’im Abdul Aziz Abu Taha.

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