Another victim in the constitutional kingdom …

Date: 28/5/2002  Medical Report Translation  The Patient (Jasim Ahmed Salman, CPR:640105360) was brought to the hospital complaining of severe generalized body aches and pains and inability to stand or sit due to aggressive physical assault.  On Examination the following been revealed;  1. Lower Back; Some bruises and aberrations.  2. Gluteal Region; Severe redness and black discoloration of the skin. Some haematomas due to physical assault by a 30 cm long device.  3. Planter area of the feet: Bruises with black discoloration on both feet.  4. Face: Bruises and aberrations due to direct beating and direct face to wall friction.  5. Hands: Bruises around the wrist due to Handcuffs. 

6. X-ray; no frictions noted.

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