Bahrain Freedom Movement

A young man reported having head injury Aftermath a peaceful sit-in called upon by the families of prisoners of opinion, “Mohammed Hussein” in collaboration with the people detained “Kumail Abdelhasan” from the village of Maameer, the heavily armed Special Security Forces attacked and dispersed the protesters by force.

The sit-in, which was convened by the Committee on for the period from 3:30 until 4:30 this afternoon in front of the Bahrain Center “Geant”, was attended by a number of women, children and activists. After the sit-in finished, a large number of cars “jeep” loaded with special forces landed quickly and attacked with batons on the attendees including women and children.

At the same time, security forces chased the men to the entrances of the village “Daih” and heavily fired tear gas and rubber bullets, which hit some and struck windshields of cars parked there. An ambulance managed to enter the site of skirmishes to transfer one of the wounded in the head, a young man, Ibrahim Habib-resident of Isa Town, and was transferred to the emergency section at a nearby hospital. The situation still tense at the entrances of “Daih” to neighboring Bahrain Center, where special forces besieged and fired rubber bullets and tear gas at any noticed movement in those entrances.

This sit-in is protest against the continued custody and trial of Dr Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahlawi (dentist-35 years) and Hussein Abdul Aziz Al Hebshi (a private company-32 years) who had been imprisoned since last November 16 th  because of possession a publication downloaded from Internet calling for boycotting the elections which took place last November.

Committee of Solidarity with Activists and Detainees of Conscience in Bahrain

January 7th, 2007.

Local time: 6pm

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