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Release Publication Detainees “Mohamed and Husain” His Majesty, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, The Royal Court- Riffa- Kingdom of Bahrain Fax: +973-17664587 APPEAL to Release Publication Detainees “Mohamed and Husain” It is our understanding that the Bahraini Authorities, since November 16th, 2006, has imprisoned “Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahlawi (Dentist-35 years) and Husain AbdulAziz Al Hebshi (Employee-32 years)” for possession of internet- downloaded publication calling for the boycott of the last November election. As a result, t he Bahraini Public Prosecution accused them of “favouritism and promotion of the changing systems of the State through illegal means and without a legitimate reason” and “spreading false news and exciting rumours, which would cause disruption of public security, and damage public interest”. These charges come under Articles 160, 161 and 168, postulated in a special chapter in the Penal Code- no 15 of 1976- dedicated to State Security crimes. According to these Articles, Mohamed and Husain could face up to seven years imprisonment. Your majesty, While we applaud the Government of Bahrain accession to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which became part of the national legislation after its accession legislation under by Bahrain Law No. (56) of 2006 published in the Official Gazette (No. 2752), on August 16th, 2006. According to Article (19) of the ICCPR: 1.” Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference”, 2. “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice “. Mohamed and Husain’s conduct of possession the publication, under indictment, and the intention to distribute it, is merely an exercise of their legal right stipulated in the Article mentioned above. It is also in compliance of Article 23 of the Constitution of the Kingdom which states that ” freedom of opinion and scientific research is secured, everyone has the right to express his opinion verbally, in writing or otherwise, in accordance with the terms and conditions prescribed by the law”. We, the undersigned, foresee that what Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahlawi and Mr Husain AbdulAziz Al Hebshi is not a crime and has not been a violation to the provisions of the law or the acceded charters. We, therefore, plea that they are released immediately and unconditionally, setting out a good example of respect and protection of human rights values as expected from Bahrain, a member the UN Human Rights Council.Signatories:1- Bahrain Center for Human Rights2- The Islamic Informational Observatory- Britain.3- The Kurdish Institute for Elections- Iraq.4- Or for Female and Child Knowledge- Iraq.5- The Arabic Program for Human Rights Activists- Egypt.6- The Southern Youth Organization- Iraq.7- The Peace and Freedom Harmony Organization- German.8- The Direction “Alliance of Private Arabic Societies”- Palestine.9- The Arabic Organization for Defending the Freedom of Journalism and Expressing- Palestine.10- The Development of Yemen Youth Center.11- The Social and Democratic Forum- Yemen.12- Shaqaeq Arabic Forum for Human Rights- Yemen.13- -Youth Forum for Development and Creativity- Yemen.14- The Yemeni Female Informative Forum.15- The Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights.16- The Political Development Forum- Yemen.17- The National Organization for Defending Democratic Rights and Freedom- Yemen.18- Free Female Journalists- Yemen.19- The Egyptian Children Rights Center. 20- Libya Gathering 21- Ram Allah Center for Human Rights Studies.22- The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression.23- The Moroccan Cultural Center.24- Iraqi Center for Human Rights Activists.25- Sun’s Figures (A’Alam Alshimoos) Network- Iraq.26- The Cultural and legal Center for Human Rights- Iraq.27- Without Bounders Women and Childhood Organization- Iraq.28- The Iraqi Organization for Human Rights.29- The Committees Defending Democratic Freedom and Human Rights- Syria.30- Sham Center for Democratic Studies and Human Rights- Syria. 31- The Committee for Political Prisoners Cases Prosecution- Syria.32- The Iraqi Committee for Defending Journalists Rights.33- The Countrified Study Center- Egypt34- Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights. 35- The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information-Egypt36- Women Petition Committee – Bahrain37- Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights- Yemen38- Al-Ukhuwah in Hong Kong –Hong Kong39- Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong40- Community Development Services (CDS)- Sri Lanka41- CARAM Asia 42- Tenaganita, Malaysia43- Migrante International- Philippines44- Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights45- Peace Time Taiwan46- Friends Of The Press Network, Cameroon47- Freedom Of Expression And Human Rights Organisation- Cameroon 48- RAWAN – Radical Arab Women’s Activist Network, USA

49- HAQ: Movement of Liberties and Democracy- BAHRAIN

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