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Bahrain: Outrage as two activists are taken hostage The arrest yesterday of two political activists has, once again, exposed the real nature of the hereditary dictatorship in Bahrain. Dr Mohammad Saeed and Hussain Abdul Aziz Al Habshi were arrested for possession of what the interior ministry claimed to be “leaflets with seditious intentions” . The Al Khalifa described the possession of anti-regime leaflets “a crime”. Dr Mohammad Saeed is a qualified dentist who owns a practice in Muharraq. He had been arrested in the nineties and spent two years behind bars. He was subjected to horrific torture under the supervision of the notorious torturer, Abdul Aziz Atiyyat Allah Al Khalifa and Adel Flaifel.
The year began with large scale arrests during peaceful protests against the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship. Sixty five people were maltreated in the torture cells before their mass release two months ago. Of course, the release was “a gracious act” by Sheikh Hamad. Bahrain is not run by the rule of law but by the ruler himself. He is the constitution. He is the law. He is the state. He drew up his own constitution that places him above the executive, legislative and the judiciary powers. In Bahrain, all are one, and are all run by the Al Khalifa. The arrests are believed to have been ordered by the royal palace, which is the effective government of the country.
Human Rights activists have raised concerns about the new prisoners of conscience. The Committee of Solidarity with Activists and Detainees of Conscience in Bahrain issued a statement in which it “holds the Bahraini Authorities the full responsibility for the safety of Dr. Mohammed Saeed demanding his immediate and unconditional release. It also affirms the right of the people of Bahrain in expressing themselves against all forms of discrimination and marginalization, as mentioned in the Bandargate report.”
The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights said: “The BCHR finds itself concerned as to the reasons behind the detention as well as the activists safety in consideration of the infamous dealings of the intelligence and Interior Ministries officials with activists in the past.”
We here appeal to human rights bodies, especially the UN Human Rights Centre to intervene and call for the immediate unconditional release of the two prisoners of conscience, whose guilt according to the official version, is no more than possession of anti-regime material. This is not a crime except under despotic and dictatorial regimes.
Meanwhile, the people of Bahrain are embracing themselves to more state-terrorism in the coming days. The Al Khalifa have promised to take revenge against those who join a planned demonstration this afternoon against the Al-Khalifa secret organization that aims to alter the social and political situation in the country, as exposed by the Al Bandar report. The Al Khalifa will be responsible for any blood shed or carnage resulting from their expected attack on the demonstration.
Bahrain Freedom Movement

17 November 2006

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