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Updated Detainees list At exactly `o’clock this afternoon, dozens of Bani Jamrah residence made a sit-in protesting at what was published last Monday-February 20, 2007-of the Bahraini Ministry Interior spokesman disclosing alleged a training youth camp aimed to destabilize the security,

 taking Bani Jamrah as headquarter. This allegation has been frowned by personalities and institutions of the society, including those of Bani Jamrah. It was discovered that the image of the container “empty bottles Mullotov” distributed by the security authorities on the newspapers, is what was published more than a year ago on one of the pages of “Alwatan” Bahraini newspaper. This has emptied the allegation of any credibility.

It should be noted that Bahrain witnessed last night several protests in different area, some of them were described as violent and counter violent. This resulted in a campaign of arrests, reference is made to the latest information obtained

Karbabad Area:

1. Ahmed Ali Daggag (14 years)

2. Seyed Ali Seyed Akbar(20 years)

3. Jafar Sadiq Kadhim (21 years)

4. Mahmoud Ali Mahdi (22 years).

Al-Duraz area

5. Mohamed Yousef Zayed (27 years)

Sanabis are:

6. Jamil Ahmed Abdullah Ali (19 years)

Al-Daih Area:

7. Ahmed Bader Al-Jaziri (15 years) – The name of his cousin was printed by mistake in the previous statement

8. Mahdi Abdullah Saad (17years)

9. Fadel Mullah Abdullah (16years)

10. Husain Makabees (14 years)

11. Fadhel Abbas Abdullah Mushaima (15 years)

In addition to these names,  the two young men who were arrested previously, are:

Karanh Area: Jaafar Salman Yousef (23 years) – arrested Thursday February 15, 2007 in Bani Jamrah.

Abu Saiba Area: Radhi Ali Radhi (22 years) – arrested Friday February 16, 2007.

Today’statement of the Ministry of Interior, published in the dailies indicatd that there are 16 detainees in possession of the authorities, only 12 of them attended the Public Prosecutions very early this morning. The investigation with them was concluded at about 8o’clock in the morning today. Up to this moment, it is not clear the type of charges against those young men, or the period they will spend in prison.

February 23, 2007, 4 pm (local time)

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